Challenge 4 – Place-based data partnerships for vibrancy

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About this Innovation Challenge

Data insights can help us create great and vibrant places for our communities. 

Combining different datasets and visualising them at precinct level helps us develop insights to better understand our public spaces. 

The NSW Government has over 200 datasets available, but we know there’s a richer picture to be built together. We’re reaching out to the market to see how this can be done. 

Through this Innovation Challenge, we’re looking to test how data insights built from a range of sources can help us make decisions to improve how people experience public spaces, how our places function, and how we can support them to become more vibrant. 

Building great insights will help us make better decisions and see the impact of investments and policy interventions. 

In this challenge, we asked the emerging technology sector to work with industry partners to respond to this question:

How might place-based data sharing and analytics support vibrancy across NSW?


We are looking for solutions that use place-based data sharing to deliver value for our identified vibrancy precincts. More details on the challenge and what we are looking for can be found in the Place-Based Data Partnerships for Vibrancy challenge brief.

Successful solutions will have an opportunity to partner with Transport for NSW to test new approaches to sharing, accessing and valuing data to support place insights. We’re looking for solutions that can support a range of different precincts. 

Place-Based Data Partnerships for Vibrancy Challenge Brief


How does the Innovation Challenge work?

The Smart City Innovation Challenge has three phases. Each phase is competitive, and not all applicants will proceed through each phase.

Phase 1 – Pitchfest: Early 2024

Applications outlining a proposed solution to the challenge will be assessed against clear criteria. The judging panel selects up to 10 applicants to present their proposed solution at a Pitchfest event.

Phase 2 – Feasibility study: March – May 2024

The pitches are assessed, with up to 3 successful applicants entering into funding agreements for up to $50,000 to conduct a feasibility study over two months in partnership with the NSW Government.

Phase 3 – Proof of concept: June 2024 – June 2025

All timelines are indicative and are provided as a guide only. Participants will be notified by the NSW Government about any changes to target dates during the Smart City Innovation Challenge program.

Further information about the challenge process, including eligibility and assessment criteria can be found in the Smart City Innovation Challenges guidelines (PDF, 909.16 KB).


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