Independent reviews

Several independent reviews are currently happening across the Transport portfolio to help the incoming government make informed decisions.

The NSW Government has announced a comprehensive and independent reviews across the following areas

Sydney Ferry Fleet Review

The NSW Government committed to undertaking a review of the Sydney Ferry Fleet, which is now publicly available.

Toll Review

An independent review will look to make toll roads simpler and fairer across Sydney's motorway network.

Sydney Rail Repair Plan

Work has commenced on the Sydney Rail Repair Plan – the biggest co-ordinated program of rail maintenance ever undertaken in Sydney.

Rail Infrastructure and Systems Review

The NSW Government has released the final report of the Sydney Trains’ Rail Infrastructure and Systems Review and is considering all of the recommendations.

Bus Industry Taskforce

The Bus Industry Taskforce has handed down further recommendations to deliver better bus services improving reliability and equity across the state.

Sydney Metro Review

The NSW Government has completed a comprehensive and independent review into the Sydney Metro project, the Sydney Metro Review.