Sydney Rail Repair Plan announced

The NSW Government has announced the Sydney Rail Repair Plan – the biggest co-ordinated program of rail maintenance ever undertaken in Sydney.

The Plan is in response to the recent 12 recommendations made by the expert panel conducting the Sydney Trains Review

Sydney Trains operates Sydney’s suburban passenger rail network comprising 919km of electrified track and 169 stations, including four stations on the Airport Line, across eight lines.

Each day, 3,200 timetabled services deliver around 720,000 passenger journeys. Sydney Trains is responsible for the management of more than $46 billion in assets, including the maintenance of almost 2,000km of track, 2,134 electric and diesel cars, and over 1,536km of electric wiring.

Sydney Trains has mapped out a large-scale maintenance program taking place every weekend for approximately the next year, designed to carry out several years' worth of normal maintenance works in that time. The works will cost an estimated $97 million funded out of existing unspent budgets.

The Rail Repair Plan:

  • More than 1,900 high priority defects repaired
  • Around 3,700 repairs, upgrades, and refurbishments
  • Around 100 worksites every weekend (around 300 additional worksites on some weekends)
  • Around 450km of rail repair, such as grinding, and electrical inspections
  • Work will be staggered across different lines on different weekends.

The maintenance program begins on Saturday 3 June 2023, and will result in service disruptions. Work will be prioritised during existing trackwork windows on weekends, weeknights or during school holidays when fewer people are catching trains. 

Around 600,000 weekend passengers will be impacted with normal train services replaced with buses over the next 12 months.

Extra information will be available at all stations to assist passengers. Plan your trip ahead of time at