Opal Connect: Next generation transport payments platform


The way customers plan, book and pay for transport is rapidly evolving, with Transport for NSW today launching an innovative new digital payment platform.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said Opal Connect will revolutionise transport payments into the future by providing an innovative new way to link customers between different modes of transport.

“Opal Connect is a new ticketing solution that aims to provide an integrated and convenient experience for customers through one trusted digital account,” a Transport for NSW spokesperson said.

“Today we’re announcing the first stage of Opal Connect. Customers who use On Demand services at The Ponds and Norwest who sign up to Opal Connect will receive a $2 travel credit each time they transfer to Opal services like the bus, train or Metro. They can then use that travel credit to go towards future On Demand bookings.”

With Opal Connect, customers create an account via the transportnsw.info website and then securely link their Opal card and their credit or debit card. Customers can then use their Opal Connect account to sign in to different transport operator’s apps to book and pay for their travel.

“Into the future, Opal Connect has the capability to become a one stop shop for all transport transactions and information, whether it is public transport, rideshare, taxis, parking and even tolling,” a Transport for NSW spokesperson said.

Opal Connect has the potential to become a subscription service offering bundled transport options.

Transport for NSW has worked in partnership with Cooee Busways, MetroConnect, Via Technologies and Swat Mobile to help integrate this new technology into On Demand apps.

“The biggest hurdle for people catching public transport is often that first and last mile. Our goal is to make this key part of the journey as simple and integrated as possible. This first stage of Opal Connect provides another incentive to leave the car at home and enjoy a ride on our new, state of the art Metro system.”