Guides and resources

Walking and bike riding is facilitated by the design and planning of our roads, streets and places. 

Transport has developed guidance on the design of roads and streets which aims to match form to function to create self-explaining roads and streets that reinforce desired outcomes.

Practitioner’s Guide to Movement and Place

Explains how built environment practitioners can apply a Movement and Place approach to projects and plans.


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Network Planning in Precincts Guide

Provides best practice principles, tools, examples, and case studies of a transport network that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods while supporting 15-minute neighbourhoods.

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Walking Space Guide

Provides a set of standards and tools to ensure that sufficient space is provided on streets to achieve comfortable environments which encourage people to walk.


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NSW Public Spaces Charter

The NSW Public Spaces Charter has been developed to support the planning, design, management and activation of public spaces in NSW. It identifies 10 principles for quality public space, developed through evidence-based research and discussions with public space experts and community members.

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Cycleways Design Toolbox 

Provides guidance on desired outcomes for cycling and micromobility. It establishes design principles for cycleways in specific contexts, including temporary initiatives, and public bicycle parking facilities.

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NSW Guide to Walkable Public Space

Outlines why walkable public spaces are needed. It includes ideas and opportunities for how they can be created, and methods for trialling and evaluating improvements.

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