Cargo Movement Coordination Centre (CMCC)

The Cargo Movement Coordination Centre (CMCC) was established in 2014 and works with road carriers, rail operators, stevedores and related supply chain stakeholders to maximise use of existing network capacity and continuously improve the efficiency of cargo movement through Port Botany, Port Kembla and regional NSW.

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If a stevedore or road carrier has incorrectly received a penalty or did not receive payment for a penalty, they should first try to resolve the issue directly with the other party. If a resolution cannot be reached, the affected party can lodge an enquiry with the CMCC by contacting 02 8265 7920 or

In order to lodge an enquiry, stevedores or carriers must meet the following criteria:

The affected party has paid the disputed penalty and can demonstrate they have attempted to resolve the enquiry directly.

The affected party is registered on the Operational Performance System.

The enquiry is submitted to the CMCC within 14 days of the invoice being issued.

Rail Operations Coordination Centre – ROCC – or 02 8265 7930

Port Botany 

Port Botany currently handles 2.3 million TEU (twenty foot equivalent units) per year and contributes $3.2 billion to gross state product. It is set to become Australia’s largest container port by volume in the next 30 years.

Improving the efficiency of freight movements through Port Botany is critical for supporting future trade growth. A network of road and rail links that allows freight to be transported more efficiently from Port Botany to key freight centres will be vital to our city’s liveability and the economic success of NSW.

Road operations

The CMCC oversees compliance by stevedores and road carriers with mandatory standards that regulate more efficient road movements to and from Port Botany under the Ports and Maritime Administration Regulation 2012

The implementation of these standards have had a major impact on the efficiency of road operations in the Port Botany precinct which was previously gridlocked, costing millions of dollars in lost productivity. 

Find out more about mandatory standards for carriers and stevedores.