Transport Access Regional Partnerships (TARP) grants program

The Transport Access Regional Partnerships (TARP) Grants Program has small scale funding available to support initiatives to improve services and outcomes for sections of the community that need improved transport.

TARP provides funding for people who are affected by specific circumstances that leave them with limited or no access to private transport. The program supports initiatives to improve services and outcomes for transport disadvantaged groups in rural and regional community.

Map of the eligible local government areas (PDF, 1.54 MB)

The TARP program provides funding for projects that address specific transport service gaps to a community or a group of people.  

Please consult our Guidelines (PDF, 681.42 KB) for full details of funding eligibilty and criteria.

Types of projects funded

The following is considered when deciding whether or not an initiative will be included in the TARP program:

  • Funding for projects is available on a trial or ‘seeding’ basis i.e. recurrent funding is not available through this program.
  • In most cases, funded projects will need to demonstrate they can become self-sustaining.
  • Projects should aim to make better use of existing transport resources.
  • Consideration will be given to projects that provide information, transport related capacity building, subsidies or trial services.
  • The program cannot fund the purchase of vehicles.

Partnerships with other organisations are encouraged - for example initiatives that include state agencies, local councils, transport operators and/or community organisations. 


Eligible organisations include non-profit community based organisations, incorporated associations, local councils, statutory agencies and current Australian Business Number (ABN) holders.

Other groups or individuals are free to propose projects either directly to Transport for NSW, or to an eligible organisation in their region.

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How to access the funding

If you find a gap in services to a community or a group of people, contact your local Senior Manager who can provide information about alternative services that may solve the problem. If no alternative service exists, the project or initiative may fit the TARP program funding.

Duration of funded projects

The duration of funded projects can range from one day up to 24 months. Projects planned to run more than 24 months are generally not considered. 

When is funding available

Applicants can apply to Transport for NSW for TARP program from July to the following June of each year.

How is funding allocated

Transport for NSW will assess the applicant’s completed TARP program application form according to the funding principles and priorities as set out in the Guidelines. Transport for NSW considers factors such as the level of transport disadvantage experienced by the group, the use the proposal makes of existing transport resources, and the impact the proposal is likely to have on the coordination of effective transport solutions.

Funding is granted with the primary aim of increasing the level and range of transport options available to the target group.

How to apply for funding

When developing a funding proposal, the eligible organisation is required to consult with their local Senior Manager. If the project is approved, Transport for NSW will write to the successful applicant with details of operational and reporting requirements. 

During the project, the successful applicant will be required, as a condition of funding, to submit evaluation updates. This is crucial to showing the benefits of their transport initiative to communities. Funded organisations must keep records that demonstrate changes resulting from their TARP program project such as:

  • Patronage figures
  • Improved public awareness of available services
  • Number of people attending a service e.g. health clinic, youth program, TAFE classes etc.
  • Level of social activity that people engage in
  • Better access to services

Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding the TARP program, please contact your local Senior Manager for assistance.