Community transport operators

Transport for NSW provides funding to community transport operators to provide services under three government programs.


Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) provides funding for older eligible individuals and is aimed at supporting individuals in staying independent and in their own home for longer. This funding is for the provision of community transport services via community transport providers. 

Assessment for eligibility to receive CHSP support is managed by My Aged Care.

Community Transport Program

The Community Transport Program (CTP) assists individuals who are transport disadvantaged owing to physical, social, cultural and / or geographic factors.  Individuals who do not qualify for other support programs may be eligible for community transport.

CTP is funded by the NSW Government and aims to address transport disadvantage at the local level via community transport organisations.

Community Transport Service Providers

Download a contact list of community transport service providers:

If you require access to Community Transport, find a local Community Transport Provider in your area.

These programs are administered by the Rural and Regional Service Delivery and Performance (RRSDP) branch. RRSDP can be contact by:


Community transport operators in NSW are responsible for reporting on all contracted transport activities and services provided under the Community Transport Program (CTP).

Operators should use the Integrated Community Transport Data Set (ICTDS) tool - a single reporting source for all community transport services provided on behalf of:

  • Transport for NSW
  • NSW Department of Family and Community Services, Ageing, Disability and Home Care
  • NSW Department of Health.

Download the Integrated Community Transport Data Set (ICTDS) Service Provider Guide (PDF, 267.58 KB) for help with the reporting tool.


Below is a list of resources our Community Transport Service Providers may find helpful:

Community transport operator checklist

Use this checklist to prepare for a new the new Community Transport Service contract. Note: This form doesn't need to be returned, it is for your records only.

Audit documents

Other resources

Contract Assets Templates

Service contracts

Legislation (Acts and Regulations)

Relevant legislation to RRSDP includes: 

Point to Point Transport

For further information please visit the Point to Point commissioner website.

Passenger Transport 

For further information please refer to the legislation website

    Service contracts

    Community Transport Service Contract documents are listed below and can be downloaded:

    Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding contract activity please contact us: