Port Botany truck registration

    The CMCC supplies truck tracking tags for vehicles servicing Port Botany.

    Carrier registration requirements

    All trucks servicing Port Botany must be fitted with a radio frequency identification (RFID) truck tracking tag. These tags capture the movements of each truck while they are in the Port Botany precinct and record arrival time, queue time, truck turnaround time, and time taken to be serviced by the stevedore.

    Road carriers servicing Port Botany must register with the Cargo Movement Coordination Centre (CMCC). This registration is a requirement of the Ports and Maritime Administration Regulation 2012.

    A registered carrier can:

    • Obtain truck tracking RFID tags for vehicles to measure truck turnaround time (TTT)
    • Receive the benefit of TTT calculations (i.e. TTT will commence from ‘Queue In’ rather than ‘Gate In’)
    • Receive reports on TTT performance.

    How to register

    Follow these steps to register with the CMCC.

    • Collate the following information:
    • Company name and ABN details
    • Address and contact details
    • Stevedore carrier codes (a unique code which is 3-7 characters long) that is created and assigned by the stevedore for each carrier). Email us to obtain these codes.
    • Identify the administrative contact (the person who is responsible for receiving correspondence in regards to the Operational Performance System (OPS) and general website user information and processes)
    • Identify the CMCC contact (the person who is the representative for CMCC operational performance issues, industry penalties, infringements and distribution of relevant information)
    • Complete and submit the Carrier Registration Form.

    An automated email from the Operational Performance System (OPS) will be sent to confirm your registration. Log in to the OPS to create a unique password.

    Truck tracking tags

    The CMCC supplies truck tracking tags for vehicles servicing Port Botany. Carriers are responsible for:

    • Requesting the correct number of CMCC tags needed for their fleet
    • Installing tags correctly and ensuring each tag matches the right truck registration
    • Covering the cost of replacement tags for each vehicle if they are damaged or lost
    • Ensuring CMCC specific RFID tags are installed in addition to any existing RFID tags (e.g. DP World tags).

    If you are a subcontractor, contact the carrier you are primarily booked through to arrange a CMCC tag for your truck.

    Request a tag

    • Log in to the Operational Performance System
    •  (OPS) and click on Road Operations > Tag Management > Request Tags
    • Enter the registration number of each truck that requires a tag (note: every truck entering Port Botany must have a tag)
    • Follow instructions and submit.

    The CMCC will process RFID tag and advise of collection details.

    Read our guide to the Installation of RFID Truck Tracking Tags (PDF, 153.86 KB).

    List of Port Botany carriers

    See the list of registered road carriers servicing Port Botany.

    Registered carriers are responsible for providing the CMCC with accurate and up to date information including names, contact numbers and truck registration details.

    Truck marshalling area

    The Truck Marshalling Area (TMA) provides a safe and secure area, complete with amenities, for early arriving trucks to be staged before they are serviced by the stevedores.

    The TMA can accommodate up to 50 trucks per hour. It improves the flow of traffic in and around the port precinct and is vital for moving vehicle congestion off public roads.

    Find out about the Driver Induction for the Truck Marshalling Area (PDF, 201.62 KB).

    Have a question?

    Email the CMCC: landsideimprovement@transport.nsw.gov.au