Access to public and government information

Lawyers (information for accident claims)

Lawyers may be able to apply for CTP Insurer, vehicle and driver information in connection with vehicle or vessel accident claims as stated in our Privacy Statement. Refer to Motor vehicle and vessel accidents for more information.

Bankruptcy Trustees and Company Liquidator/Receivers/Administrators

Company Liquidators, Receivers and Administrators may be able to obtain information to assist with their responsibilities under the Corporations Act 2001 for the administration of companies under external administration using the application forms listed below. Similarly, Bankruptcy Trustees may apply for information to assist with their responsibilities under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 using the relevant forms.

Deceased Estates (information for executors)

Transport for NSW may release information about vehicle and vessel ownership of deceased customers to the Executor named in a Will or the Administrator of the Estate using the following forms:

Police and Government Agencies for Law Enforcement

Transport for NSW may release information to Police and other government agencies for law enforcement purposes under sections 23(5) and 24(4) of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Applicants must be government agencies and must use the Forms listed below.

Government agencies seeking to serve a Statutory Demand Notice compelling the release of information are requested to first contact us at to agree the scope of the Notice before it is issued.

Information Guide

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) provides members of the public with a right of access to government information. The GIPA Act replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI).

Under the GIPA Act, each NSW Government department and agency is required to publish an Agency Information Guide.

The Information Guide provides an overview of:

  • The agency’s structure and functions.
  • The way in which our functions affect members of the public.
  • How members of the public can participate in policy formulation and provide feedback.
  • The kinds of information we hold.
  • Information we make publicly available.

Applying for access to government information

Find out how to apply for access to government information under the GIPA Act.