Disclosure logs

Disclosure log containing details of government information released

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Decision Date

Description of information released

Information available

Release type


11 Dec 2019

Construction drawings for the road and drainage on The Horsley Drive, Bossley Park

Email: gip@transport.nsw.gov.au

Full release


11 Sep 2019

Documentation containing evaluation of options for proposed closure of Lawrence Hargrave Drive at Bald Hill

Email: gip@transport.nsw.gov.au

Partial release


9 Sep 2019

Katoomba and Lithgow upgrade

Email: gip@transport.nsw.gov.au

Full release


22 August 2019

Documentation relating to the 'New Dubbo Bridge'

Email: gip@transport.nsw.gov.au

Granted in full


7 August 2018

Name and locations of rest stops on NSW State roads and highways. Specifically re disabled access/adult change tables

Email: gip@transport.nsw.gov.au

Granted in full


12 April 2018

Information relating to 2016-17 M5 Cashback Scheme

RWC-004659 information for release (PDF, 633.54 KB)

Full release


8 March 2017

Information relating to the M5 Cashback Scheme

RWC-002665 information for release (PDF, 509.45 KB)



22 December 2016

Documents relating to the construction of the Skytrain and the cable stayed bridge over Windsor Road in Rouse Hill

RWC-002172 information for release (PDF, 6.86 MB)



23 June 2016

Registration and renewal data of new and existing vessels from 1/1/10 to 30/6/2016

RWC-001485 information for release (PDF, 18.17 MB) (this is for new vessels)

Note: data for existing vessels is in a large excel document and needs to be requested by contacting gip@transport.nsw.gov.au



23 August 2016

Information relating to acquisitions for WestConnex

RWC-001597 information for release (PDF, 477.04 KB)



8 August 2016

Information relating to safe driver discounts

RWC-001622 information for release (PDF, 458.12 KB)



15 July 2016

Information relating to the Harris Creek Bridge Upgrade

RWC-001623 information for release (PDF, 472.83 KB)



29 July 2016

Information relating to the calibration, accuracy and reliability of speed cameras

RWC-001624 information for release (PDF, 283.09 KB)



26 Apr 2016

Information relating to the quarterly trend in licence holders by age group from 1998 to 2016

RWC-00914 Information for release (PDF, 542.59 KB)



10 Mar 2016

Statistics relating to older drivers

RWC-000934 information for release (PDF, 544.83 KB)



29 Feb 2016

Statistics relating to failed driving tests

RWC-000880 Information for release (PDF, 679.18 KB)



22 Jan 2016

Information for 2014-15 relating to tolling for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Available on request



16 Jan 2016

Information relating to the Dial-A-Dump site at St Peters (WestConnex)

Available on request



16 Sep 2015

Total operation hours per month for all mobile speed cameras for 2014-15 and locations which include school zones in their length

Available on request


GIPA E-tag claims

You can also find further information in relation to E-tag claims administered by Transport for NSW.