Bus driver medicals

Bus drivers need a medical assessment when applying for a driver authority. Depending on age or health conditions, you may also need regular assessments.

All bus drivers under the age of 60 with no medical conditions need to complete a medical assessment every 3 years.

If you have an existing medical condition or you're aged over 60, you'll need to complete a medical assessment every year.

You may also need an additional specialist assessment for some medical conditions.

Any fees for medical or specialist assessments that aren't covered by Medicare, you'll need to pay.

New medical conditions

If you've been newly diagnosed with a medical condition, you must:

  • notify Transport for NSW as soon as possible
  • send us your medical assessment results.

In most cases you'll need to provide a medical report, usually from a specialist, to keep driving public passenger vehicles.

Booking a medical assessment

In most cases, medical assessments align with your birthday. This makes it easier to remember when your assessment is due.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) will also send you a request for a medical review eight weeks ahead of your assessment due date. Your request letter will also state whether you need an assessment from a specialist. Ask your medical practitioner to submit your assessment online directly to TfNSW which speeds up the process.

If you need to undertake regular medical reviews, we recommend you book appointments with your doctor well in advance of your assessment due date. This will avoid problems with long wait times and lapses in approval.

Due date extensions

Extensions to the due date of the assessment are made on a case by case basis. You must show proof of a scheduled medical appointment to be eligible.

If your bus driver authority has already been suspended, we can't provide an extension.

Request an extension by emailing DA.Medicals@transport.nsw.gov.au or call us on 13 22 13.

Submitting the medical assessment form

Ask your doctor to submit your assessment online for a quicker and more convenient assessment.

Through the online service, your doctor will get an instant response confirming your assessment has been securely received by TfNSW. A copy of the completed form will be stored by your doctor for future reference.

Alternatively, paper forms will continue to be available to customers who request them from Service NSW by calling 13 22 13 or visiting a service centre.

Drivers can request a date-stamped copy of the assessment as confirmation of the submission.

Tell us if you're medically unfit to drive

If your doctor advises that you're medically unfit to hold a bus driver authority, you need to tell us immediately.

There may be financial, insurance and legal consequences if you don't tell us about a medical condition and keep driving.

Your doctor may send us details of your medical condition online, or email your medical assessment to DA.Medicals@transport.nsw.gov.au for review.

Overdue medical assessments

If you do not submit your medical assessment by the due date, your bus driver authority will be suspended.

You cannot drive a public passenger vehicle until the suspension on your bus driver authority is lifted. Bus drivers who have an existing medical condition or are over the age of 60 will also have their driver licence suspended.

To restore your driver licence, your doctor needs to send us a satisfactory medical assessment.

We'll contact you within 5 working days about the suspension of your bus driver authority.

To talk to us about a suspended or cancelled bus authority, email: schemereview@transport.nsw.gov.au

Surrendering a bus driver authority

If you choose to surrender your authority or your are no longer fit to drive, you can hand in your authority card by mail. Send the card to:

Enrolment Services
PO BOX 3185
NSW 2124

If your bus driver authority is subject to any enforcement action, you may forward your authority card to:

Scheme Review Unit
Glen Innes
NSW 2370

If you still have questions, email us at DA.Medicals@transport.nsw.gov.au or call us on 13 22 13.