Over-height trucks in NSW

Know the height of your load and plan your route using the below interactive tools.

In NSW, heavy vehicles higher than 4.3 metres have restricted travel conditions and must use approved road networks. NSW has more bridges and tunnels with low clearances of less than 4.6 m than any other state in Australia. Vehicles higher than 4.3 m must not travel under or through them. 

Interactive HML and RAV map
NSW Combined Higher Mass Limits (HML) and Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) Map

NHVR Route Planner
The NHVR Route Planner (also known as Journey Planner) is an interactive online mapping service.

Sydney tunnel height clearances
Make travelling through tunnels safer and more efficient - including tunnel heights to be aware of.

Road Manager Toolkit
Managing the heavy vehicle network in partnership with Local Government.

Maps and approved road lists
Network maps and approved roads lists are available for road freight transport vehicles, special purpose vehicles and load carrying vehicles.

Heavy vehicles
Information for heavy vehicle industry, operators and truck drivers about registering a heavy vehicle, compliance and schemes and programs.

Live Traffic NSW
Live Traffic NSW provides real-time information about roads and changed traffic conditions throughout NSW.

Over-height trucks in tunnels brochure

While road safety is everyone’s responsibility, driving heavy vehicles offers more challenges. Here’s the preventative action you can take, to ensure you don’t enter a tunnel in your over-height vehicle.

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The NHVR has zero tolerance for over-height trucks entering tunnels in New South Wales, with non-compliant vehicles posing a serious risk to the safety of other road users and threatening to cause significant traffic delays and damage to infrastructure.