Australian Government Black Spot Programme

Councils can seek funding for treatment of black spots and other targeted treatments from either the Australian Government’s Black Spot Programme or the NSW Government’s Safer Roads Program.

As part of the Local and State Government Road Safety Package announced in the 2019-20 Budget, the Australian Government has committed an additional $50 million per year from 2019-20 to the Black Spot Program.

The Government will provide $1.0 billion to the Black Spot Program from the 2013-2014 financial year to the 2022-2023 financial year, with an on-going commitment of $110 million each year following.

The Australian Government’s Black Spot Programme targets specific road locations where crashes are occurring by funding measures such as traffic signals, roundabouts, safety barrier and audio-tactile line marking (ATLM) to reduce the risk of further crashes occurring.

The Black Spot Programme makes an important contribution in reducing the national road toll under the National Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan.

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) administer (on behalf of the Australian Government) the Australian Government Black Spot Programme in NSW. This includes:

  • Reviewing all NSW Black Spot nominations received against the eligibility criteria.
  • Undertaking an economic assessment of the proposed safety treatment.
  • Preparing a summary of the nominations received to present to the NSW Black Spot Consultative Panel for consideration.
  • Advising other road authorities within NSW of project approval and the process for delivery and payment for works completed. This includes management of any variation requests.

Nominations for the Australian Government Black Spot Programme will be automatically considered for the NSW Government’s Safer Roads Program. Since 2017/18, the Australian Black Spot Programme has contributed 100% funding to local government projects due to the available allocation for state road projects in the Safer Roads Program.

NSW Government Safer Roads Program

The NSW Safer Roads Program delivers on key initiatives of the NSW Road Safety Plan 2021, the Saving Lives on Country Roads initiative and Liveable and Safe Urban Communities initiative, targeting a 30% reduction of fatalities and serious injuries on the NSW road network by 2021 (based on 2008-10 levels).

The Safer Roads Program is designed to improve roads and roadsides with a higher crash risk and incidence of high severity crash types in line with the internationally recognised Safe System approach.

This is achieved by consistently implementing low cost engineering treatments and countermeasures over lengths or areas with a high crash risk rather than locations with crash history. The Program is split into several sub-programs, all targeting high severity crash types, locations and/or vulnerable road users.

The criteria for each sub-program is available within project nominations in the Online Portal via the link ‘Subprogram Eligibility Criteria’ under Safety Benefit Options > Safety Benefits Results.

The sub-programs include:

  • state black spot
  • local government road safety
  • fatal crash response
  • route safety review.

Online management system

All nominations for the 2022/23 road safety programs are to be submitted through the Safer Roads Program Management System (Online Portal) through these links:

To create or update a user account, please email your full name, council LGA, TfNSW region and desired access level (see below) to and allow up to 3 business days for a response.

A PDF copy of the User Guide is available via a link within the Online Portal and basic training for council users is conducted annually in April as part of the AGBSP/SRP Council Workshops held within each TfNSW region.

Who can make a submission?

Nominations can be created, updated and maintained by Council Users/Managers and TfNSW Users/Managers.

Only Council Manager accounts or TfNSW Manager accounts can submit nominations for review, therefore each council needs at least one Council Manager account.


For further information on the Australian Government Black Spot Programme visit the Black Spot Programme webpage.

For further information on the NSW Government Safer Roads Program visit the Safer Roads Program webpage.

Documents and Forms

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Variation and Completion Forms

Updates and announcements

Nominations for the 2022/23 round of Australian Government Black Spot Programme and NSW Safer Roads Program are now open until 30 July 2021 and must be submitted through the Safer Roads Program Management System (Online Portal). Nominations will automatically be considered for both Programs where criteria for both Programs are met.

The Safer Roads Program will allow for project submissions which meet the following criteria: 2 casualty crashes in 5 years (discrete lengths <3km long) and 0.13 casualty crashes/km/year (lengths 3km or longer).

The current criteria for the Australian Government Black Spot Programme remains in 2022/23 as:

  • 3 casualty crashes in 5 years (discrete lengths <3km long).
  • 0.2 casualty crashes/km/yr (lengths 3km or longer).

Proactive projects at sites that may not meet the above crash history criteria are still considered, but must be supported with an official Road Safety Audit and/or Safe System Assessment report provided by the Project Proponent.

The assessment should recommend the treatment proposed in the application funding.