Commercial Vessels Advisory Group

The Maritime Branch of Transport for NSW chairs the CVAG and membership consists of commercial vessel industry groups, community associations and regulatory agency representatives.

The purpose of the CVAG is to enable Transport for NSW Maritime leaders and leaders from domestic commercial vessel member-based peak bodies  to collectively share information, ideas, insights, trends, issues and opportunities that can contribute to making NSW waterways betters places to live work and play.

It is a strategic two-way forum for Transport for NSW to openly discuss with member-based peak body leaders current and upcoming legislation, regulation, policies, reforms and initiatives that aim to address current and emerging issues and opportunities on NSW waterways. 

Members of CVAG must demonstrate that they represent a particular section of the commercial vessel industry. This may be demonstrated by being the sole or peak body representing a commercial group or industry, or by having significant industry connection which demonstrates a strong representation of the commercial sector using the waterways.

Examples of membership categories include:

  • Commercial vessel owners.
  • Commercial vessel manufacturers and distributors.
  • Boating Industry Association of NSW.
  • Charter operators, cruise operators, tourism.
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries.
  • Marine Rescue NSW.
  • Fishing - commercial.
  • Marina Owners and Operators.
  • Regulatory Agencies eg. AMSA.
  • Sea Plane operators.
  • General commercial activities (eg. Parasailing, hire and drive operators, water taxis etc.)
  • Sydney Coastal Councils Group.

What’s happening now?

Transport for NSW Maritime has recently reviewed the Terms of Reference (TOR) under which CVAG operates. A copy of the new TOR can be found in Documents below. This process has resulted in all positions on the Group being declared vacant and a recruitment drive starting from 19 July 2023 to recruit new members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the future CVAG, we encourage you to read the TOR and if you are qualified, to apply on the form below. 

Applications should be emailed to no later than 5:00pm on 16 July 2023. You will be notified of our decision following 9 July and the first meeting of the new CVAG will take place in early Auigust.


Meeting minutes