Commercial Vessels Advisory Group

The Maritime Branch of Transport for NSW chairs the CVAG Membership consists of commercial vessel industry groups, community associations and regulatory agency representatives:

  • Commercial vessel owners.
  • Commercial vessel manufacturers and distributors.
  • Boating Industry Association of NSW.
  • Charter operators, cruise operators, tourism.
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries.
  • Marine Rescue NSW.
  • Fishing - commercial.
  • Marina Owners and Operators.
  • Regulatory Agencies eg. AMSA.
  • Sea Plane operators.
  • General commercial activities (eg. Parasailing, hire and drive operators, water taxis etc.)
  • Sydney Coastal Councils Group.

Members of CVAG must demonstrate that they represent a particular section of the commercial vessel industry. This may be demonstrated by being the sole or peak body representing a commercial group or industry, or by having significant industry connection which demonstrates a strong representation of the commercial sector using the waterways.


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