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  • Macquarie Place: Two Plane Trees planted by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh in 1954 to mark the Sydney end of the Driveway.
  • South Strathfield: Landscaped plantations of 5000 Eucalyptus species, Acacias, Casuarinas and Grevilleas. Planted by Strathfield Council in 1990.
  • Chullora: An established avenue of trees and Grevilleas on the north side of the Hume Highway.
  • Windsor Park: A small park planted by State Rail with Eucalyptus species and Kaffir Plums in 1955, upgraded with 150 Eucalyptus species and Ficus in 1995.
  • Bass Hill: Lemon Scented Gums planted in 1957 by Qantas. Upgraded in 1993 with 166 Lemon Scented Gums, Tallowwoods and Plane Trees.
  • Bass Hill: Fig Trees and Poplars planted in 1962 and Lemon Scented Gums planted by the BCOF Veterans Association in 1992.
  • Bass Hill, Gregory Street: Lemon Scented Gums planted in 1993 and dedicated as 18 Brigade Memorial Park.
  • Bass Hill, Hector Street: Walshaw Park. Sydney Red Gums planted by Leyland Australia in 1962, and the War Widows plantation dedicated in 2007.
  • Bass Hill, Johnston Road: On the south side of the Hume Highway a plantation of Melaleucas established in 1965 and upgraded with 500 new trees in 1994-95.
  • Bass Hill Plaza: Memorial Garden established in 1996 with additional trees planted to Arundle Road.
  • Bass Hill, Arundle Road: A small plantation of Eucalyptus species and Casuarinas.
  • Bass Hill, Berridale Estate: Eucalyptus species planted in 1967 were virtually destroyed by building operations, but replanted with Melaleucas, Spotted Gums and Turpentines in 1970.
  • Villawood: From Miller Road to Woodville Road a long avenue of Spotted Gums with mixed tree species at each end planted in 1962. Includes 504 Spotted Gums and Grey Box planted in 1992 as Vietnam Veterans Memorial plantation.
  • Villawood, Burke Square: A plantation of 450 Eucalyptus species, Australian Figs and some exotic species established in 1957. Landsdowne Bridge, Centre Islands: A fine stand of Spotted Gums and Red Flowering Ironbarks planted in 1958.
  • Landsdowne Bridge, Eastern Side: A large park of Eucalyptus species, Pines and various deciduous and evergreen trees planted in 1962.
  • Lennox: A landscaped park of Pines, Poplars and Paperbarks established in 1960.
  • Cabramatta, Huntingdale Avenue: A small park of Mugga Ironbarks established in 1973.
  • Fairfield: A park of Chinese Elms, Liquidambars and Bunya Pines planted by the Garden Club of Australia in 1955.
  • Fairfield: A small park between Old Liverpool Road and the Highway planted with Eucalyptus species and Casuarinas in 1979.
  • Warwick Farm: Landscaped gardens and plantations tended by Peter Warren Motors and Masterton Homes.
  • Liverpool, Berryman Park Reserve: A plantation of Eucalyptus species, Turpentines, Pines and Poplars at Warwick Farm Railway Station established in 1956.
  • Casula: Two plantations of 400 Eucalyptus species established in 1991 by Liverpool City Council.

Rest areas not yet established

  • Baird VC
  • Donaldson VC
  • Keighran VC
  • Roberts-Smith VC
  • Sheean VC.