Valour Park

Afghanistan Victoria Cross Memorial - Valour Park on the Remembrance Driveway

The Remembrance Driveway Council initiated phase one of the Victoria Cross Rest Area Project in 1995 with the aim of dedicating Rest Areas to the memory of the 12 posthumously awarded World War II and Vietnam War recipients.

This project was widened following the dedication of Federal Government funds in 1997, to encompass all the deceased Victoria Cross recipients from these conflicts. The Council later determined that Rest Areas in honour of Victoria Cross recipients could be delivered while the recipients were living. Twenty-four sites have been established to date, including most recently the Keith Payne VC Rest Rest Area at Pheasants Nest.

In the 65th Anniversary year (2019) of the Remembrance Driveway, the Remembrance Driveway Council ran a two-stage design competition for the development of a memorial to honour the four Victoria Cross recipients from the Afghanistan conflict, to be erected in Valour Park, Watson ACT.

The first stage was an Expression of Interest. Eleven entries were received and reviewed by a Selection Panel comprising the following members:

  • Anne Breckwoldt: Registered Landscape Architect- Director of Urban Section of Infrastructure Delivery, Transport Canberra and City Services.
  • Rob Tindal: Registered Architect, Director Estate Development and Renewal, National Capital Authority.
  • Jenny Burge: Urban Designer, Registered Landscape Architect, Centre for Urban Design Transport for NSW (TfNSW).
  • Ron Robertson-Swann OAM: Sculptor/Artist/ Curator/Educationalist.
  • Ian Scott Air Commodore AM, Remembrance Driveway Council President.
  • Mr Doug Baird: Representing VC recipients, with review provided in absentia.

The Panel shortlisted three entries to proceed to Stage Two - Design Concept, Limited Design Competition, and these entrants were paid for their submissions in accordance with the brief issued.

The Panel reviewed the entries against the strategic issues and competition details. The Panel comprised the same members as the Stage One Panel, with the exception that Jo Prego, Senior Project Manager, Design and Construction, National Capital Authority, replaced Rob Tindal, who was not available at the time.

The Remembrance Driveway Council appreciates the time put into this Competition by all entrants to Stage One and Two and are pleased to announce that Moir Landscape Architecture was selected as the successful consultant to proceed to develop the design for this important project.

Their proposal has since received DA approval from Transport Canberra and City Services, and documentation is proceeding. Subsequently it will progress to construction subject to funding.

As a charity, the Council is seeking funding support to construct the memorial; if you would like to help, please visit the Remembrance Driveway website.

Download the concept (PDF, 302.8 KB) drawings.