Domestic leases


Domestic leases relate to boating facilities that front residential waterfront properties, such as:

  • jetties
  • ramps
  • pontoons
  • tidal baths
  • slipways
  • steps
  • landing platforms
  • boatsheds.

Rent for domestic leases

Rents for domestic leases are calculated on a rate per square metre of occupation. These wetland rates are subject to review annually to reflect the latest statutory land values.

Precinct map and wetland rates

Overview Map of Sydney Harbour Precincts with Domestic Waterfront Lease Rates - 2022 - 2023 (PDF, 1.32 MB).

Rate of return

Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal - 2022 Annual Update to Net Rates of Return for Domestic Waterfront Tenancies (PDF, 100.91 KB).

Removing structures

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has clarified its policies regarding both the removal of structures from and existing use rights attached to its land.

Subject to the following points, existing use rights will be retained for all current domestic waterfront structures unless specifically relinquished by TfNSW.

In general, structures will only be required to be removed if:

  • they do not have development approval.
  • they are in such disrepair as to pose a danger and the lessee has refused reasonable requests to remedy the problem.
  • the lease is to be terminated after consistent breaches of lease terms (eg persistent non-payment of rent or failing to maintain the structures).
  • an incoming purchaser declines to lease the current structures.
  • removal is necessary to achieve a long-term strategic objective of the NSW Government.

Procedure for the removal of private waterfront structures (PDF, 83.7 KB).

Concessions and hardship relief

TfNSW provides a range of services to the boating community, including recreational and commercial boating services and licences, and the administration of domestic and commercial waterfront leases.

Concessions and/or hardship relief options are presently available for:

  • the purchase of specific recreational boating products
  • rental payments associated with TfNSW domestic waterfront leases.

Concessions and hardship relief – fact sheet (PDF, 176.2 KB)

Application for hardship relief for waterfront lessees – form (PDF, 86.13 KB)

Quarterly and half-yearly payments

If you wish to pay your rental on a quarterly or half-yearly basis contact us.

More Information

For more information please contact us.

Domestic lease example template

View or download an example of a domestic lease (PDF, 467.67 KB).

Policies and procedures

For details of applicable policies and information guides for Domestic Leases view our Policies and Procedures page.