Maritime Property policies and information guides

What are Maritime Property policies and information guides?

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) manages over 2,000 wetland leases within:

  • Sydney Harbour
  • Botany Bay
  • Newcastle Harbour
  • Port Kembla Harbour.

We follow robust policies to ensure the leases are effectively and fairly managed.

To assist tenants and the broader community in understanding the policies we have developed a series of information guides.

Maritime Property policies

Maritime Property information guides

Advertising a Development Application (DA)

Division of Waterways

Domestic Concessions and Hardship relief

Domestic Lease Template

End of lease activities

Establishing Charter Vessel Wharf Leases

Establishing Commercial Marina Leases

Establishing Community Leases

Establishing a Domestic Lease

Establishing Industrial Leases

Establishing Infrastructure Leases

Establishing Registered Club Leases

Establishing Retail Leases

Exempt and complying developments

Gaining Roads & Maritime Permission to Lodge Development Application (DA)


Guidelines for hydrographic and geotechnical data

Managing Commercial Marina Leases

Managing Community Leases

Managing Domestic leases

Managing Industrial Leases

Managing Infrastructure Leases

Managing Registered Club Leases

Managing Retail Leases

Purchase of reclaimed land information

Purchase of Reclaimed Maritime Land

Removal of Structures

Submitting Geospatial Data to Roads and Maritime Services