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Bicycle parking

To make it easier for you to combine riding your bike with public transport, Transport for NSW provides bike parking facilities at stations, stops, and wharves across NSW.

Facilities we offer include:

  • Bike lockers (for individual use, can be booked for a fee).
  • Communal bike sheds (for multiple users, can be accessed using a registered Opal card).
  • Bike racks (free to use at any time).

Find bike parking facilities at your nearest public transport station or stop.
Book a bike locker or bike shed.

Many local councils provide bike parking in local shopping areas, streets and parks. Please contact the council in your area for information about council bike parking facilities. 

Cycleway Design Toolbox

Transport for NSW’s Cycleway Design Toolbox provides guidance for planners and service providers on how to design for cycling and micromobility (including bikes, e-bikes, cargo bikes, scooters and share bikes) in NSW and Greater Sydney. 

The design principles and recommendations outlined in the Toolbox aim to assist with the planning, design and delivery of high quality cycling infrastructure.

In addition to a suite of optimal road and intersection configurations for a range of cycleway types, the Toolbox establishes design principles for specific contexts, such as temporary cycleway initiatives and bicycle parking facilities. 

Download the Transport for NSW - Cycleway Design Toolkit (PDF, 4.49 MB)

Austroads guidelines

The Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides contains information about planning, design and traffic management of cycling facilities and is sourced from Austroads Guides, specifically the Guide to Road Design, the Guide to Traffic Management and the Guide to Road Safety.

The Guide is intended for engineers, planners and designers involved in the planning, design, construction and management of cycling facilities. Throughout the guide practitioners are referred to other Austroads Guides for additional information. Some of the Guides referred to are:

Standards Australia

Standards Australia sets minimum requirements for the layout, design and security of bicycle parking facilities for planners and service providers. You can purchase the standard here AS 2890.3:2015 Parking facilities - Bicycle parking.

National commitment

The Australian government supports measures to increase all aspects of active transport in our communities. The design, project deployment and funding of cycling and pedestrian facilities is high on the agenda of our state, territory and local governments.

Around 1,200 people are killed each year on our roads, and almost 40,000 are seriously injured. The Draft National Road Safety strategy for 2021-30 sets targets to reduce these numbers over the next 10 years with the ultimate goal of achieving Vision Zero (zero deaths and injuries) by 2050.

For more information download the Draft National Road Safety Strategy (PDF, 2.5MB).