Neutral Bay

Major civil works have been completed in Neutral Bay. Minor rectification works were finalised in late 2019 and there are no further works planned in Neutral Bay as part of the Northern Beaches B-Line Project.

Thank you for your patience while Transport for NSW introduced the B-Line bus service and completed associated bus stop, road infrastructure and upgrades.

Public Art has been installed on cabinets at both northbound and southbound bus stops as part of the B-Line Public Art Strategy – Be Here! Read more about it here.

The scope of works delivered in Neutral Bay include

  • new B-Line and local bus stops including seating and passenger real time information
  • upgrade and extension of the lane management system (tidal flow) between Ben Boyd Road and Hampden Avenue
  • kerb, footpath and pavement upgrades and new line marking
  • changes to parking and clearway operation

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