B-Line Bus

The B-Line Program is an integrated package of service and infrastructure improvements designed to provide more reliable journeys between Mona Vale and the Sydney CBD.


B-Line Bus

Improvements to the road corridor and implementation of bus priority measures will improve reliability of bus services affected by congestion at several bottlenecks.

All project construction and roadwork are now complete.

B-Line Bus features

  • A brand new fleet of high frequency double decker buses, running 7 days a week.
  • Six new commuter car parks providing around 900 new parking spaces.
  • Ten modern B-Line bus stops, including a world-first car park design at Manly Vale, incorporating a breathing green wall of around 9,000 plants to help reduce air pollutants.
  • Integrated pedestrian and cycle links.
  • Roadwork to reduce traffic congestion and improve journey times.


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On Demand

On Demand is a flexible public transport service designed to improve connections to transport hubs and popular destinations like shopping centres or hospitals.


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