Program initiatives

Business & community initiatives in your local area.

Business initiatives

B-Line is designed to deliver improved connections within the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore to the CBD. Building major infrastructure in Australia’s busiest city is challenging but we’re making every effort to minimise the impact on businesses. There are disruptions along the way, but service and improved road infrastructure will be realised on completion of the project in 2019.

Working with the Transport for NSW Sydney Coordination Office, B-Line has featured local businesses along the corridor in Local Area Marketing video campaigns to support businesses who may be impacted by road works, parking loss and construction.

Travel Choices

Changing the way you travel

With changes to the Northern Beaches network and the introduction of the B-Line, now is a great time to reconsider your travel choices for getting to work!

Use our new services and leave the car at home

Public transport can be a more reliable alternative to driving. Using our new services allows you time to concentrate on something more enjoyable such as reading a book or planning your next holiday.

Reduce the times you travel during the peak

Flexible working has been shown to enhance productivity, health and well-being and provides you with more commuting options. Take advantage of your organisation’s flexible working arrangements and travel outside the peak more often.

Retime your journey and beat congestion

Take advantage of our extra services. If you can, avoid travelling during the peak.

This will help reduce your travel time and allow for a more comfortable journey.

Plan your trip at

Community initiatives

B-Line is committed to contributing to the communities who are impacted by roadworks, construction and parking loss. Working closely with local Councils, the project team has identified ways in which we can positively contribute to the local area.

Sustainability initiatives

Manly Vale car park

In a world-first for car park design, a revolutionary breathing green wall incorporating around 9,000 plants, will be built into the three-storey 150 space Manly Vale B-line commuter car park to help reduce air pollutants for nearby residents.

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