Running on time

The technological changes in timekeeping systems and the role of time in both safe working of trains and passenger information services across the network was integral to an expanding railway network.

As the railways spread out from Sydney and Newcastle, connecting their hinterlands to the coast, the need for accurate time to allow for the timetabling of trains and for arrival and departure times for passengers meant that a common, standard time had to be known at each station.

'Running on time' outlines the history and development of a standard system of timekeeping in the NSW Railways.

The aim of this report, as well as the short documentary film that accompanies it, is to collectively capture the important historical theme of 'railway time'.

Running on time video
Duration: 15 mins
Transcript (PDF, 153KB)

As part of preparing this report and short documentary, a series of interviews were conducted with railway staff and NSW clockmakers who service the historic clocks, maintain the collection and run the current systems of time information across the network.

Produced by: Art of Multimedia