Croydon Station Upgrade


Project overview

Transport for NSW has upgraded Croydon Station to make it easier for all customers to access.

Key benefits

  • New lifts and stairs, a new station concourse and a new pedestrian footbridge 
  • Better shelter from the weather
  • More accessible parking spaces and a family accessible toilet
  • New bicycle racks
  • Upgraded lights and CCTV cameras

Project Status

New concourse, lifts and stairs now open

As part of the Croydon Station Upgrade, new station facilities are now available including:

  • New station concourse
  • Lifts and stairs to platforms 3/4 and 5
  • Station office and family accessible toilet
  • New station entrances on Paisley Road and Hennessy Street

Parking spaces including two new accessible parking spaces, kiss and ride and bike parking facility on Paisley Road, and footpath on Meta Street Bridge are now also available.

The following access changes are now implemented:

  • The temporary station office is closed
  • The temporary pedestrian crossing on Paisley Road is closed to pedestrians
  • Access to platforms 3 and 4 via the temporary footbridge and access to Platform 5 from Paisley Road is closed to commuters.