Improvements between Picton Road & Bulli Tops - M1 Princes Motorway projects


Project overview

Transport for NSW is planning upgrades to the M1 Princes Motorway between Picton Road and Bulli Tops.

The upgrades would improve road safety, travel time and efficiency. The M1 Princes Motorway carries significant commuter, heavy vehicle and recreational traffic.

Project information


The M1 Princes Motorway (M1) between Picton Road and Bulli Tops is currently two lanes in each direction and carries about 39,000 vehicles a day, 13 percent of which are heavy vehicles.

The M1 at this location has challenging topography with sections of the road having steep hills and tight curves making it difficult for heavy vehicles to maintain a constant speed. Due to the steepness of the road and the tight turns, heavy vehicles travel slowly which can lead to a large difference in speeds between light and heavy vehicles.

The project would widen and realign the road and add a new lane in each direction to create a six lane divided road between Picton Road and Bellambi Creek (stage one) and between Bellambi Creek and Bulli Tops (stage two).

Key benefits:

  • improved travel time and traffic efficiency with the inclusion of an additional lane in each direction
  • improved road safety through separation of slower moving and faster moving vehicles
  • provide for safer access to carry out maintenance tasks and to utility services
  • increased reliability of access into and out of the Illawarra region and Port Kembla including for general freight, larger restricted access vehicles and high performance freight vehicles.

Submissions report

Design and Environmental Impact Assessment contract awarded

On 1 December 2017 Transport for NSW awarded the design and environmental impact assessment a contract to GHD to complete the detailed design for stage one of the project between Picton Road and Bellambi Creek, and the concept design and environmental impact assessment for stage two of the project between Bellambi Creek and Bulli Tops.

View or download the Submissions report on the project documents page.

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