M1 Princes Motorway projects


Project overview

The M1 Princes Motorway carries significant commuter, heavy vehicle and recreational traffic. Transport for NSW is planning a number of projects to increase network capacity, cater for future traffic demands and improve safety for road users.

Project information

Mount Ousley interchange

Transport for NSW has started planning for an interchange on the M1 at the base of Mount Ousley.

The interchange will look at future traffic growth and improve road safety at this location.

Please visit the Mount Ousley interchange project page or call the project team on 1800 792 918 or email mountousleyinterchange@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Improvements between Figtree and Dapto

As part of the planning process, Transport for NSW will be investigating a range of design options to address the future needs of the region.

The design process will identify potential upgrade options including:

  • Widening the motorway to provide extra lanes
  • Upgrading existing ramps to increase capacity and improve safety
  • Adding new ramps and traffic signals at some interchanges
  • Adding variable speed limit signs and other road signage.

The upgrades will aim to:

  • Improve travel time and efficiency for motorists
  • Improve freight accessibility into and out of the region including access to Port Kembla and heavy vehicle access to the Shoalhaven and South Coast
  • Cater for traffic growth as a result of nearby development.

Please visit the Figtree to Dapto project page, or call the project team on (02) 4221 2531, or email southernprojects@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Improvements between Picton Road and Bulli Tops

The M1 Princes Motorway between Picton Road and Bulli Tops is currently two lanes in each direction.

This section of road carries about 37,000 vehicles a day, 15 per cent of which are heavy vehicles. Traffic numbers will continue to increase along this route.

Due to the steepness of the road and the tight turns, heavy vehicles travel slowly, which can lead to a large difference in speeds between light and heavy vehicles.

The project would provide additional lanes and improve the curves. This would increase the safety, capacity and efficiency of the M1 Princes Motorway.

Please visit the Picton Road to Bulli Tops project page or call the project team on 1800 727 714 or email PictonRoadtoBulliTops@transport.nsw.gov.au.