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The Australian and NSW governments are planning for the future with the development of a corridor for an east-west link between Appin Road and Menangle Road to support future growth in the Greater Macarthur Growth Area

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Aug 2022 - Link Road Corridor Study Preferred Option Report

Transport for NSW (Transport) has consulted with key stakeholders including the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and Campbelltown City Council to identify a long list of nine route options within the study area. Key constraints within the study area were also identified, including:

  • Aboriginal heritage
  • Air quality
  • Biodiversity (flora and fauna)
  • Flooding
  • Landscape character and visual amenity
  • Land use
  • Noise and vibration
  • Non-Aboriginal heritage
  • Utilities (gas, electricity, water supply, sewer, local quarry and gas plant)
  • Water quality.

Criteria were developed to measure traffic efficiency; active and public transport; land use; environmental impact; value for money; and safety for each option.

Consultation with key stakeholders continued and each of the nine options were assessed in detail using the identified constraints and criteria. The nine options were then shortlisted to four options which were assessed further and publicly exhibited between 16 November and 20 December 2020. Key stakeholders were further consulted during this time.

Based on the outcomes of the assessment and the community and stakeholder consultation on the short‑listed options, a preferred option was identified. The preferred option is Option 001 and is shown in the figure below.

Further information on the assessment process and preferred option can be found in the Link Road Corridor Study Preferred Option Report. (PDF, 14.6Mb).

Project information

What is happening now?

Transport will now seek to preserve the preferred corridor option. The corridor will be included in the updated structure plan in the final Greater Macarthur 2040 Plan, which is anticipated to be released in 2022.

Transport for NSW will work with the Department of Planning and Environment to investigate options to implement the Link Road corridor through planning instruments such as: the Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan 2015, Growth Centres State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) or Corridor Protection SEPP.

In the future, and subject to project funding, road design and environmental assessments will be undertaken.


The Link Road Corridor Study started in October 2018 to identify options for the proposed east-west link road (the Link Road). The Link Road would provide a key connection between Appin Road, Gilead and Menangle Road, Menangle Park and support growth in the region.

The Link Road would also provide access to the future Spring Farm Parkway Stage 1 and the Hume Motorway.

A future Stage 2 of the Spring Farm Parkway would complete the connection from Appin Road to the Camden Bypass.

Project objectives

  • Provide an efficient east-west link across the Greater Macarthur Growth Area
  • Cater for active and public transport
  • Integrate with existing and future land uses
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Ensure the safety for all users
  • Maximise value for money.

Key features

The four short-listed options would include:

  • A dual carriageway connection between Appin Road and Menangle Road
  • Four lanes with a wide central median that would allow an additional travel lane in each direction, if required in the future
  • 80 km/h speed limit Bridges or drainage structures to cross creeks and flood prone land
  • Noise mitigation where the road is close to existing communities. The exact locations would be confirmed during further design. 


Link Road Corridor Study map

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  • 16 November 2020
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