Millthorpe Station


Project overview

Transport for NSW is making changes to Millthorpe Station to enable the reinstatement of train services.

Current status

Transport for NSW has received planning approval and the necessary Section 60 approval from Heritage Division to proceed with the reinstatement of Millthorpe as an on-request stop.

A construction contract has been awarded and the contractor will be visiting the site from the week commencing 17 September to coordinate the commencement of site establishment.

The project is still on track and it is expected that train services will recommence at Millthorpe in March 2019.

Community updates

Millthorpe Station Newsletter January 2019 (PDF, 9.45 MB)

Millthorpe Station Newsletter September 2018 (PDF, 1.11 MB)

Millthorpe Station Newsletter July 2018 (PDF, 231.75 KB)

Standard working hours

Work will be completed during standard work hours, which are Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm and Saturdays from 8am to 1pm. Notification will be given to the community prior to any works which are scheduled outside of standard working hours. 

Previous consultation

Transport for NSW visited Millthorpe on 25 July 2018 to provide an update on the project to the community, and conduct a workshop about the design and associated elements.

We thank the community members who took the time to attend the community workshop and to those who provided feedback.

Key themes that emerged during the workshop included:

  •    ticketing availability
  •    connectivity with other transport modes
  •    heritage considerations
  •    maintenance and safety
  •    additional scope including car park, crane and toilet.

Initial consultation was undertaken in late 2017. Themes which arose in during this period include:

  • General support for the project for personal reasons and to boost tourism in Millthorpe.
  • Facility queries including accessible toilets, accessible parking spaces, taxi zone.
  • Request for additional services (this feedback will be sent to XPT).
  • Queries regarding interface with existing heritage building (which is leased out and to be operating as a cafe/chocolatier) .
  • Suggestions to offer ticketing facilities within the village.

Frequently asked questions

During the recent workshop and previous consultation community members have asked a number of questions; please see below some answers to frequently asked questions.

How many carriages will the platform service?

The new platform length is 15m and will service two adjacent doors of adjoining carriages.

How many trains will stop at Millthorpe?

Millthorpe is an on-request stop; existing services will only stop if tickets are purchased 24 hours prior to the scheduled service.

Can the existing crane at Millthorpe Station be rebuilt?

Rebuilding the crane at Millthorpe Station is not part of this project scope. If the community would like to pursue this as a separate project, a Section 60 application will need to be made to the Heritage Division. Council has indicated interest in preparing an application in order to complete some works within the car park. It is suggested the community work collaboratively with Blayney Shire Council to do these works.

Can the forecourt be updated as part of these works, including the entry gates and repainting?

This is not part of this projects scope. As with the crane, TfNSW suggest the community apply for permission to undertake these works via Blayney Shire Council.