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Transport for NSW is making progress on building a safer and more efficient Princes Highway for communities on the South Coast of NSW. Planning for the Milton Ulladulla bypass continues.

Aerial view of the Milton Ulladulla bypass

The bypass will take the flow of 'through' traffic away from the Milton and Ulladulla town centres, reducing travel times and enhancing the liveability and appeal of the area. 

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Latest news

October 2023 - Movement and Place Assessment

A Movement and Place Assessment has been completed. The assessment aimed to consider how the community, businesses and visitors move in and around the area.​

A key objective of the bypass project is to remove congestion and increase traffic flow and efficiency for the townships of both Milton and Ulladulla.

However, once the bypass is built it is also important for Transport to consider how the townships of both Milton and Ulladulla can remain vibrant, attractive and allow multiple active transport networks.

June 2023 – What is happening now?

Planning for the Milton Ulladulla bypass continues. The Australian and NSW governments have committed $940 million of funding towards the planning and delivery of the project. 

Some investigations and studies were completed in 2022, however, further investigations and environmental and other studies were carried out during most of 2023. Surveys with community members and business owners allow Transport to get a greater understanding of potential impacts of the bypass and travel and movement activities in the area. Our findings were used to further inform the design and environmental assessment. 

Property discussions

Conversations with property are an important part of the work we do to better understand conditions in the area. We collect information about properties and land uses to assist in our continued development of the bypass design. A Personal Manager was appointed to the project team in early 2023 and discussions will continue with individual property owners to ensure they receive the necessary support throughout the project.

If you would like to contact the Personal Manager for this project, please email

Feb 2023 – Northern connection in the vicinity of Little Forest Road

Transport for NSW would like to assure the community that the design and location of the northern connection of the Milton Ulladulla bypass is still being developed as investigations and planning continue to determine the exact location and access type.

We will continue to consult the community throughout this process. A connection will be located in the vicinity of Little Forest Road as outlined in the refined corridor for the bypass, released by Transport in October 2022.

Transport met with property owners within the study and investigation area of Little Forest Road in November and December 2022, and discussions are ongoing.

Transport is not aware of any meetings with property owners about building a roundabout on private property. More information about the bypass connections and design features will be released following the completion of the concept design and environmental assessment.

Oct 2022 – Refined corridor

A refined corridor (PDF, 563Kb) for the Milton Ulladulla bypass is now available and the location of the northern and central connections confirmed.

The corridor has been refined to accommodate three connections to the existing Princes Highway and minimise impacts to the environment where possible. It provides a better opportunity to connect the bypass to local roads and town centres, supporting access to local businesses, services, and homes.

The northern connection will be in the vicinity of Little Forest Road. The bypass will include a central connection that will link to the Princes Highway via an extension of Bishop Drive at Ulladulla. The southern connection, which was confirmed in September 2022, is a two-lane roundabout, located to the north of Canberra Crescent at Burrill Lake.

For more information about the refined corridor view or download the latest community update (PDF, 1.55Mb).

Work is continuing on the concept design and environmental assessment, and once complete, more information about the bypass connections and design features will be released and the community will have opportunities to provide feedback.

We are working on the concept design and once complete, more information will be available.

Sep 2022 – Southern connection confirmed

Transport has identified the southern connection of the Milton Ulladulla bypass will be a two-lane roundabout, located to the north of Canberra Crescent at Burrill Lake. It will include a northbound bypass lane to provide uninterrupted access to the bypass for northbound traffic.

The draft design as shown below aims to minimise impacts to properties, the Burrill Lake township, and the environment. The design will ensure the southern connection enables flexibility for any future upgrades at Burrill Lake.

Sep 2022 – Southern connection confirmed and report released

Following significant consultation and investigation it has been confirmed that the southern connection to Milton Ulladulla bypass will be a roundabout just north of Canberra Crescent at Burrill Lake.

Balancing the needs of the whole community is always difficult, however reducing congestion currently experienced in the Milton and Ulladulla town centres and moving ahead with our plans to deliver a safer, more efficient and better connected Princes Highway is our priority.

Assessment of draft strategic options for the southern connection of the bypass was in scope for the Burrill Lake Co-Design Committee, and we recognise the challenging decisions faced by this group. The co-design committee has been an important part of the community engagement, and we acknowledge the committee did not make a recommendation on their preferred option for the bypass southern connection or any upgrade of the Princes Highway at Burrill Lake.

Throughout the co-design process, we have listened to committee members and taken their views, together with feedback from the wider community, key stakeholders and subject matter experts into account to land on our decision for the intersection type location of the southern connection.

Following discussions with members of the Burrill Lake Co-Design committee, the process and outcomes report (PDF, 12.8Mb) has been finalised and can be viewed.

The focus is now on continuing investigations within the Milton Ulladulla bypass corridor to progress the project. This work will inform the concept design and the environmental assessment.

In the short term, important safety upgrades will be carried out south of Ulladulla to ensure safer and more efficient journeys for motorists including additional overtaking lanes, intersection upgrades, shoulder widening, and rest area upgrades.

Jul 2022 – Planning continues for the bypass

Planning for the Milton Ulladulla bypass continues. Environmental, field and site investigations, such as geotechnical, biodiversity and Aboriginal cultural heritage investigations, are ongoing.

Project information


The Princes Highway is a critical link between Sydney and the Illawarra Region with the NSW South Coast down to the Victorian border. It provides vital connections between towns and regional centres and is an important freight link. The Princes Highway connects key east-west road corridors and is a significant route for inter-regional business, tourism, and leisure travel.

The proposed Milton Ulladulla bypass is one of the priority projects identified in Transport's 20-year plan. The aim of the proposal is to upgrade the Princes Highway to provide a bypass of the Milton and Ulladulla town centres, delivering safer and more reliable journeys on the South Coast as part of the Princes Highway Upgrade program.

The bypass aims to significantly reduce travel time and ease congestion, particularly during peak holiday periods. The bypass will enhance liveability within the Milton and Ulladulla town centres, and the appeal of the area, while providing a safe, efficient and reliable road network for freight movement and communities. The bypass would allow for improved local and tourism access and help promote growth and urban development and bringing significant benefits to network users and communities along the South Coast of NSW.

Benefits of the bypass include:

  • improving network safety for all road users
  • improving traffic efficiency and connectivity to support regional economic development, tourism and freight
  • improving transport network resilience
  • enhancing the amenity and liveability of Milton and Ulladulla and connected communities.

Next steps

Planning for the Milton Ulladulla bypass is continuing.

A timeframe for construction is yet to be confirmed and will be defined as part of the design process.

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