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Transport for NSW is planning for a new bridge at Mulwala. While planning is under way, we are continuing to carry out essential repair work to ensure the ongoing safe operation of the bridge over Lake Mulwala.

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July 2022 – NSW Government confirms 'Green' route as preferred option

The 'Green' route has been confirmed as the NSW Government’s preferred option for a new crossing over the Murray River between Mulwala and Yarrawonga.

The preference for this route was based on extensive community consultation in mid-2021, which was released in a community feedback summary report in December.

For more information see the latest Media Release and the Community Consultation Summary on this page.

Dec 2021 – Community consultation summary out now

The preferred route for a new crossing over the Murray River between the twin towns of Mulwala in NSW and Yarrawonga in Victoria will be confirmed following feedback from the local community. Transport called for community comments on the ‘Grey’ and ‘Green’ routes in mid-2021 to confirm the preferred route, which had previously been announced by the NSW and Victorian governments as the ‘Grey’ route.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

A total of 285 submissions were received, with key themes of traffic, safety, recreation and tourism. Submissions that preferred the ‘Green’ route referenced reduced congestion due to heavy vehicles being diverted away from Belmore Street and Yarrawonga town centre. Submissions supporting the ‘Grey’ route were based around local business, tourism, and accessibility.

View the full community consultation summary (PDF, 3.47Mb).

Project information


Existing bridge

Mulwala Bridge was built in 1924 and provides a vital transport link across Lake Mulwala, between the twin towns of Mulwala in NSW and Yarrawonga in Victoria.

On average, more than 8500 vehicles use the bridge every day and it is essential that the structure is maintained in a safe and serviceable condition for the local community and visitors alike.

New crossing between Mulwala and Yarrawonga

Previous consultation

In 2014, Regional Roads Victoria consulted with the community on crossing and connection options known as the ‘Grey’ and ‘Green’ routes for a new bridge between Mulwala and Yarrawonga.

The 'Grey' option was the favoured option and endorsed by the NSW and Victorian governments in 2015.

New bridge is a medium-term priority

In 2018, the NSW and Victorian governments carried out the Murray River Crossings Investment Prioritisation Assessment to help inform and prioritise future investment decisions by ranking each crossing over the Murray River.

The assessment reviewed 32 bridge and ferry assets and considered freight connectivity, road safety, reliability, condition, proximity to alternate crossings and pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

Mulwala Bridge was ranked eighth highest priority for investment, behind Swan Hill, Tooleybuc, Abbotsford, John Foord, Murrabit, Towong and George Chaffey bridges.

Read the Investment Prioritisation Assessment (PDF, 2.96Mb).

Yarrawonga Weir crossing closed

The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) previously announced the weir crossing would close in 2020.

Transport for NSW worked with MDBA to ensure the crossing remained open while essential work was carried out throughout 2021.

Proactively carrying out this work has minimised future bridge closures needed for future routine scheduled maintenance.

Following the completion of this proactive maintenance, Yarrawonga Weir crossing closed to public vehicle traffic on Friday 15 October 2021.

The weir crossing was closed to traffic to ensure the ongoing safety and structural integrity of the Yarrawonga weir, however, pedestrians and cyclists are still able to walk or ride their pushbikes across the structure.

Around 1500 vehicles cross the weir each day compared with 8200 crossings of the Yarrawonga Mulwala Bridge.

Planning for a new bridge over Lake Mulwala

Transport for NSW continues to work closely with Victoria’s Department of Transport (DoT) on planning for a new Mulwala Bridge.

While planning continues, DoT is focused on building a new connection to relieve congestion and safety issues associated with heavy vehicles using Belmore Street through the Yarrawonga CBD.

Maintenance and repair work carried out at Mulwala Bridge during 2021 will ensure it is able to continue to safely operate and service the community until planning for a replacement bridge is complete and funding for the construction of a new structure has been secured.

Next steps

The community consultation summary will be used to confirm the preferred option for the location of the future bridge. Transport will consider all feedback and comments on both bridge options and seek confirmation from the NSW and Victorian governments on the outcome.

Transport will provide a further update to the community in 2022.

Timeframes for design and construction of a new bridge are yet to be determined and depend on future funding. This is expected to occur within the next five to 10 years, as per the Murray River Crossings Investment Prioritisation Assessment. We will continue to maintain the current Mulwala Bridge to ensure it remains safe and serviceable for as long as it is needed.

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