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Project overview

The NSW Government is investing $275 million to improve safety and travel times on Nelson Bay Road including duplicating the road from Williamtown to Bobs Farm.

Project information


The Hunter region’s road network is vital for connecting people, freight and goods within the region and across NSW.

As our region and NSW continue to grow, so does the number of motorists using our roads. That’s why we’re delivering major road upgrades and improvements to make it easier, faster, and safer for people to get around.

This includes $275 million in improvements on the Nelson Bay Road corridor including duplicating the road between Williamtown and Bobs Farm and upgrading the Nelson Bay Road and Lemon Tree Passage Road intersection and the Nelson Bay Road and Medowie Road intersection.

Nelson Bay Road is a major connection between Newcastle and the Newcastle Airport, Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) base and Nelson Bay used by around 25,000 motorists each day and increases during holiday periods.

The 43 kilometre corridor stretches from Stockton Bridge to the Church Street intersection in Nelson Bay.

We are delivering upgrades and planning for future improvements to:

  • provide better connectivity for residents, businesses and the community to Newcastle Airport and Williamtown RAAF base
  • improve traffic flow, journey times and safety for motorists on Nelson Bay Road
  • improve pedestrian and bicycle safety by providing enhanced facilities
  • promote freight efficiency by ensuring future freight demands are met and encouraging the use of higher productivity vehicles
  • support tourism and rural industries as a major economic driver in the Port Stephens area.

Early work

Transport for NSW invested $26 million in the duplication of a one-kilometre section of Nelson Bay Road located at Bobs Farm, adjoining the previously duplicated road. This early work was not impacted by the preferred route for the remainder of the corridor. Work started on the Nelson Bay Road - Williamtown to Bobs Farm - Section 1 project in January 2022 and was completed in July 2023

Transport for NSW is currently planning for the duplication of Nelson Bay Road between Williamtown and Bobs Farm as the next priority for the corridor.

Following community consultation, a preferred route was selected for the upgrade of Nelson Bay Road between Williamtown and Bobs Farm which includes a fully off-line route that extends from Bobs Farm to Cabbage Tree Road at Williamtown.

You can find out more about the preferred route and view a map in the December 2021 project update (PDF, 3.94 MB).

The NSW Government has also provided $188 million to plan Fingal Bay link road. Planning is under way and we will keep the community informed as the project progresses.

Works complete

Transport for NSW has already completed a number of sections as part of early work on the duplication of Nelson Bay Road including:

Next steps

We will continue to keep stakeholders and the community informed about Nelson Bay Road as project planning and delivery continues.

Nelson Bay Road duplication preferred route

Nelson Bay Road duplication

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