Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway intersection


Project overview

The Australian and NSW Governments have recently completed the upgrade of the Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway intersection as part of the $301.2 million Building a Better Dubbo program to cut down travel time, make roads safer and ease congestion in and around Dubbo.

Key benefits

The Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway intersection upgrade includes the following features:

  • Traffic lights will replace the existing roundabout
  • New pedestrian crossings on all four sides of the intersection, with foot ramps to improve wheelchair and pram access
  • Intersection widening to allow for increasing traffic volumes
  • Additional merge lane that minimises parking loss at Victoria Street shops
  • Relocation of underground utilities and overhead power
  • Safer turn paths for road trains (up to 36.5m long)
  • New stormwater system to improve drainage in a high rainfall event.

Latest news

Nov 2021 - Indigenous participation

Transport for NSW is proud to announce that the Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway intersection upgrade project doubled its target of Indigenous participation.

TfNSW was aiming for a 13.2% Indigenous participation on the project, measured as a percentage of hours worked. The final Indigenous participation rate was actually 27.2%. This represents 34 individual Indigenous staff members contributing to the fields of engineering, traffic control, pipe laying, asphalt and concreting. Of the 86905 hours of work completed to finish the project. 23642 hours were completed by Indigenous workers. The Aboriginal Participation in Construction target of 1.5% was well and truly exceeded with 4% of the final total expenditure being spent on Aboriginal employment.

Transport for NSW would like to thank the local community and businesses of Dubbo that worked collaboratively to achieve these great outcomes.


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Project information


This critical upgrade will reduce congestion at this busy intersection for locals and for traffic travelling through Dubbo. The Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway are part of the National Land Transport Network - an essential link for businesses and industries connecting major cities and regions. These routes are a vital part of the road network through Dubbo and the surrounding region.

During early development of the project, businesses and residents on each leg of the roundabout were consulted with and advised that the project was being developed. Consultation with stakeholders and businesses started in 2018. Once a more detailed design of the upgrade was complete, the project team met with stakeholders in 2019 and these meetings are continuing.

Transport for NSW is committed to keeping the community informed throughout the development of the project and will continue to meet with stakeholders near the project.

What is happening?

Utility relocation, drainage upgrades and concreting works (including footpaths) are nearing completion.

Works to remove the existing roundabout have commenced, with temporary traffic signals to be utilised until permanent structures are in place.

As a direct result of community feedback, the Newell Highway and Baird Street intersection is also receiving an upgrade to include a set of traffic lights and a designated right turn lane.

We are committed to keeping the community and stakeholders informed as the project progresses.

The project is expected to open to traffic late 2021, weather permitting.


View the proposed Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway intersection upgrade.

View the proposed Newell Highway and Mitchell Highway intersection upgrade.

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  • 9 August 2021

    Home stretch for Newell and Mitchell Highway intersection upgrade