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Project overview

Transport for NSW is making progress building a safer and more efficient Princes Highway and has announced plans for a proposed Moruya bypass as part of the Princes Highway upgrade program.

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Previous updates and announcements information

Community consultation closed

The community consultation was open between 4 April 2022 and 13 June 2022 on the three shortlisted corridors – Purple, Orange and Yellow.

We thank the community for participating and providing feedback during this phase of the project. Transport will undertake an analysis of the feedback received and provide a response to the questions and comments.

Consultation extended

Transport for NSW has received feedback that the community would like further opportunities and more time to talk with the project team and to ask questions about the three bypass options.

In response to this we have extended the consultation period to 13 June 2022 and will provide additional opportunities to meet with the project team, including a session in Batemans Bay.

Meet the project team at the community market

Moruya Country Markets – Saturday 28 May
Moruya Country Markets – Saturday 4 June
Batemans Bay Markets – Sunday 5 June

Please note we will not be attending the SAGE Market on Tuesday, 17 May as previously advertised. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Have your say

Transport continues to welcome feedback on the Purple, Orange and Yellow corridors for the Moruya bypass.  You can do this via our ‘Map my Comment’ or completely this short survey

Extension of time

Feedback will now close 13 June 2022.

Feedback welcome

We welcome your feedback in person, feedback forms or 'map my comment'.

Transport for NSW is progressing with a bypass of Moruya and is now seeking feedback on the three shortlisted corridors – Purple, Orange and Yellow. Transport identified a preferred strategic bypass corridor in May 2021. A mix of positive and negative feedback was received, as well as requests for further information on how the corridor option was selected. Transport has now released the Strategic Corridor Workshops Report (PDF, 4.28Mb) that documents the technical information, weighting and scoring across the shortlisted corridors.

Further technical reports used during the Strategic Corridor Workshops will shortly be released on the Project website including traffic, noise, flooding, biodiversity and landscape.

Have your say

Over the next two months Transport is seeking feedback on the Purple, Orange and Yellow corridors for the Moruya bypass.

Following the success of ‘Map my Comment’ during earlier engagement, Transport welcomes feedback on what you like and don’t like about the three corridors. We will shortly update the map with all three shortlisted corridors for you to post your comments. Community can also leave their written feedback on the three corridors by completing this form.

As part of the social and economic study for the project, Transport would also like to better understand how the community live and work around the Moruya town centre. The following two surveys have been created to inform our understanding and what aspirations the community has for the future.

Feedback closes 13 June 2022.

Targeted subject information sessions - Registration open

Registrations have opened for the targeted subject information sessions on traffic, noise, flooding, biodiversity and landscape. You can register now.

Traffic and Noise Wednesday 11 May 2022

  • 12pm – 1pm
  • 3pm – 4pm
  • 6pm – 7pm

Landscape and Biodiversity Thursday 12 May

  • 12pm – 1pm
  • 3pm – 4pm
  • 6pm – 7pm

Flooding Tuesday 31 May

  • 12pm – 1pm
  • 3pm – 4pm
  • 6pm – 7pm

These sessions will give community members the opportunity to talk with the subject specialist about the project. Dates and an opportunity to register for the sessions will be provided shortly.

Meet the project team at the community market

For general project questions pop down and talk with a member of the team.

  • SAGE Community Market – Tuesday 12 April
  • Moruya Country Market – Saturday 30 April
  • Moruya Country Market – Saturday 7 May
  • SAGE Community Market – Tuesday 10 May
  • SAGE Community Market – Tuesday 17 May (Cancelled)

Flood Focus Group

Transport is establishing a flood focus group for the Moruya bypass. Similar groups were established in the planning phases of other projects, including Albion Park Rail bypass.

We know flooding is an important issue for the Moruya community and those who live on the existing floodplain. Transport invited community representatives to apply to join the flood focus group to give local residents the opportunity to understand the flood assessment process and provide feedback to assist the wider community and Transport as we continue to plan the design features of the bypass.

Registrations closed on 29 April 2022.

Once formed, the flood focus group will meet fortnightly from mid-May until late June 2022.

Community feedback

Transport for NSW acknowledges and thanks the community for their valuable feedback on the preferred strategic corridor option for the Moruya bypass and for providing insights on the importance of planning for a bypass that meets the community’s needs. We value insights into how the community live, work and play in the local community and recognise we need to deliver the best outcomes for the whole community.

During the previous consultation period, Transport received a mix of positive and negative feedback about the preferred strategic corridor option. Some community members requested further technical information and access to Transport’s reports that outline our process of identifying the preferred strategic corridor option in more detail.

A series of community information sessions and small group workshops will be available to enable the community to talk with Transport on the key topics of flooding, noise, landscape and biodiversity. More details on these information sessions will be advertised in the coming weeks.

Transport is committed to working with the community to ensure the planning for the bypass of Moruya remains a priority project for the Princes Highway upgrade program.

Environmental Investigations

Transport is scaling up environmental studies for the preferred strategic corridor option of the Moruya bypass. The environmental studies will complement the extensive consultation that had already taken place to help refine the strategic corridor, with more than 500 community members providing feedback.

To also assist our planning, the project team will be doing field investigations to get a better understanding of the environmental and geotechnical conditions along the preferred strategic corridor. These studies are not indicative of the location of the preferred location of the bypass.

What are we doing?

Specialists have completed preliminary investigations of the preferred strategic corridor and will soon start visual inspections, mapping and detailed analysis of their investigations throughout the project area. From September 2021, we will undertake the following investigations within the preferred strategic corridor.

  • Vegetation and local habitat surveys
  • Aboriginal heritage surveys
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Ground and utilities surveys
  • Water quality sampling
  • Noise monitoring

Thank you for having your say

We would like to thank the community for providing your feedback on the preferred strategic corridor option for the Moruya bypass.

Feedback was received between 14 May 2021 and 14 June 2021, this feedback will help inform further project development. All feedback will be considered and issues and questions raised by the community will be addressed in a consultation report.

We will undertake further investigations to inform the concept design and environmental assessment phase of the proposal.

There will be further opportunities for the community and stakeholders to provide feedback as the project progresses.

View the Moruya bypass community map comments.

Preferred strategic bypass corridor announced

On Friday 21 May 2021, we held a 30 minute Facebook Live session with Princes Highway Program Director, Julian Watson, and Moruya bypass Project Manager, Dan McClure, to answer your questions about the project.

Watch our recording of the information session

Information sessions

The project team held information sessions on Saturday 22 May at the Moruya Country Markets and Tuesday 25 May at the SAGE Farmer Market.  Bookable information sessions were held on Tuesday 25 May and Thursday 27 May at the Mechanics Institute

The bypass would reduce congestion, improve connectivity, transport efficiency and safety for passing motorists and local transport users including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. The bypass would also provide access to the new Eurobodalla Health Service.

View the Moruya bypass Strategic Corridor Options Report (PDF, 6.88Mb).

View the latest Community Update (PDF, 621Kb).

Feedback can be provided via our survey and by pinning comments to the interactive map.

Work continues to identify a preferred strategic corridor

Transport for NSW is continuing to undertake investigation in and around the Moruya area to help identify a preferred strategic corridor for the proposed bypass. During December 2020 and January 2021, temporary cameras were installed at various locations to collect traffic data over the peak holiday period.

Geotechnical investigations are being carried out to get a better understanding of the environmental and geotechnical conditions of the area. This work includes drilling or excavating holes to collect information on soil and rock samples in and around Moruya.

Other work being carried out in early 2021 includes vegetation, local habitat and Aboriginal heritage studies and ongoing consultation with Health Infrastructure to enable connectivity with the proposed Eurobodalla Health Service.

20 year Roadmap released

Transport has released its 20 year plan for the Princes Highway. It identifies what needs to be done now and into the future to deliver a safe, reliable, efficient and connected network for all transport users. What is the vision?

The highway would enable the movement of people and goods and supports sustainable growth of the local economy, employment opportunities and population. It would contribute to the character of the places it serves and is resilient to adapt to natural hazards and climate change, respond to changing land use and supports new technologies, new industries and economic trends.

View the Roadmap 2040 for more information.

Consultation Summary Report

Thank you to those who provided feedback during our consultation period. The Consultation Summary Report assesses your feedback on the proposed Moruya bypass. The project aims to address the current and future transport needs of Moruya and surrounding communities providing safer and more reliable journeys.

We received 232 comments via the online interactive map and 63 emails to the project email address. Of the feedback received, 375 unique issues were identified focusing on key topics including; location of the proposed bypass and design suggestions, environmental impacts, potential social and economic impacts and traffic and transport issues in and around Moruya.

View the community consultation report (PDF, 1.41Mb).

Transport will use the feedback to develop and refine designs of potential route options before selecting a preferred bypass route. We will continue to keep the community informed as the project progresses and provide opportunities for the community to provide feedback during future stages of the project.

Community Consultation closed

The initial community consultation period was open between 16 March and 13 April. We sought feedback on how you carry out your journeys on the Princes Highway through the Moruya region.

We thank the community for participating and providing feedback during this phase of the project.

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Phone: 1800 570 579

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