Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link


Project overview

The Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link (the Link) is a program of works that will deliver Sydney’s longest walking and cycling route

About the Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link 

The 91km continuous link will connect Parramatta Park to the Opera House/ Botanical Gardens allowing both cyclists and pedestrians to travel along Sydney’s iconic foreshore whilst celebrating Sydney’s rich cultural history.  

There are popular sections of the foreshore that cater to people walking and bike riders of varying ages and abilities, but some sections of the route do not cater for all ages and abilities due to the quality of the connections. We have developed an interactive map which displays the areas where you can walk or bike ride now.  

The work to complete the Link will include upgrades to existing sections to allow for walking and cycling as well as filling in missing links over time to create a continuous foreshore link.   

In 2023, the project will focus on delivering a series of early works to improve the foreshore link at key locations in the Parramatta, Inner West and Canada Bay council areas. 

Current status 

We are working with local councils to plan the program of work. Some early works will be delivered in 2023 which is in addition to the broader package of works for future delivery.  

The early works projects are being selected in areas that can be easily upgraded, provide immediate improvements for pedestrians and cyclists; and showcase the benefits of a more connected foreshore link from Parramatta to the Sydney CBD. 

In 2023 we will continue our collaboration with councils and community to identify the works required to complete the Link. The resulting program of works will underpin a final business case to support future funding decisions. 

We will continue to update you as the program develops. 


The link has the ability to provide the following benefits: 

  • Encourage healthy and sustainable trips and recreation – more footpaths, crossings and bike lanes help families to stay healthy and spend quality time together.  
  • Improve accessibility for key growth areas along the foreshore – all kids and families should be able to enjoy getting where they need to go safely with good footpaths and bike paths, plenty of crossings and calm streets. 
  • Stimulate local economies by generating activity that will support local business - along this 91km route there is a mix of businesses, educational institutions and visitor destinations. By creating further connectivity and improving the current route there is a significant opportunity to generate activity that will support local business, facilitating job creation and local economic activity. 
  • Improve access to Sydney’s iconic harbour and river foreshores – the link would increase access to our unique harbour and river foreshore for local, regional and international visitors to explore by providing more recreation opportunities. 

Interactive Map 

Transport has developed an interactive map which displays the areas where you can walk and cycle between Parramatta Park and Sydney Opera House to experience Sydney’s iconic foreshore.  

We want to know your comments so please click on the link below and leave a comment.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timeframes for the project? 

Work will start in 2023 and continue as funding becomes available.

How was this project identified? 

In 2020 the McKell Institute put forward a proposal in a discussion paper called ‘Activating the Harbour City’. The proposal was for a continuous foreshore path between Sydney Opera House and Parramatta CBD with the aim to facilitate job creation and economic activity and reinvigorate daily life through walking and cycling along the foreshore. 

In April 2021, Transport commenced a feasibility study which identified significant opportunities to improve access and provide a continuous walking and cycling route along most of this route.  

How does the Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link connect to the rest of the bike network in the area? 

We are developing a program that will consider how the foreshore link connects to and extends the bike network. By working collaboratively with councils, we will ensure the project complements their existing bike plans and strategies. 

Where can I find out more about the early works projects? 

We are currently finalising a program of early works with Parramatta, Canada Bay and Inner West Councils, and with the Greater Sydney Parklands Trust. These early works projects were identified in masterplans and other planning strategies. We hope to provide more information about the early works projects in early 2023. 

Who are you consulting with? 

We are working with City of Sydney, City of Parramatta, Inner West Council and Canada Bay Council, and with the Greater Sydney Parklands Trust 

Where can I find out more about the foreshore link? 

To find out more visit our interactive map or email, or call 1800 684 490