Zero Emission Buses


Project overview

Technical planning is currently underway for the transition of the NSW bus fleet to zero emissions buses as part of our commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Along with delivering on our goal for sustainable transport, the transition will provide more comfortable journeys and liveable places for our customers and community.

Key benefits

  • Health and environmental benefits from reduced emissions and better air quality
  • Reduced noise, especially in urban areas
  • Potential boost to NSW economy with significant regional industry development opportunities
  • Smarter technology for greater safety and efficiency on our roads
  • Skills growth in emerging technology research and development, manufacturing and deployment
  • An opportunity for improved amenity around bus depots

In partnership with industry, we will transition our 8,000 plus bus fleet progressively over a number of years to ensure sustainable and customer focused outcomes. We understand there are a number of challenges that need to be managed to enable a transition of this size and we will work closely with leaders in the energy, manufacturing, transport operations, financing and education sectors to make the transition a reality.

Our Transition Strategy (PDF, 4.95 MB) provides an overview of the steps we will take to transition our fleet.

Have your say

Transport for NSW is inviting you to share your views on the proposed transition and the Transition Strategy via an online survey. To support current planning, we ask you to submit your feedback as early as possible.

To date, a total of 89 Battery Electric Buses have been ordered to arrive by mid-2022, with 22 of these now in passenger service across Greater Sydney.

Results so far have been terrific and feedback from customers very positive. Operators in NSW are now able to order battery-electric buses through business as usual processes via Australia’s first bus panel to include Zero Emission Buses.

In NSW, diesel and compressed natural gas buses make up almost half of Transport for NSW’s direct carbon emissions. So transitioning our buses is an important place for us to start, and an area we can lead by example as the transport sector transitions towards zero emissions.

    Industry announcements

    To support industry planning and readiness for zero emission buses, we are inviting industry to connect and engage through a NSW zero-emission buses industry collaboration portal. Register your interest as a program industry partner to post ideas, collaboration opportunities or requests to the wider industry.

    To ensure effective use of the portal we request industry portal registrations be limited to one person per company.

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