Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

To engage the community and help change unsafe behaviour on our roads, we develop education and awareness campaigns.

Towards Zero

This campaign highlights the human element of the road toll and our goal of zero deaths on NSW roads.

Saving lives on country roads

Our 'saving lives on country roads' campaign encourages country drivers to re-think the common excuses used to justify their behaviour on the road. Ultimately, there's no excuse for unsafe behaviour on the road, because it can have tragic and life-changing consequences.


Casual speeding - 'Every K counts'

The ‘every K counts’ campaign urges drivers to consider the dangers of speeding 'just over' the limit. The truth is that most speeding deaths happen when drivers go over the speed limit by no more than 10km/h. 

Bicycle safety - share the road

Our 'share the road’ campaign reminds bicycle riders and motorists of their mutual responsibility when sharing the road, demonstrating the behaviour required to ensure their safety.

Stop it... or cop it

This campaign warns drivers, riders and all other road users that they can be caught breaking road rules anywhere and at any time. 

Don’t trust your tired self

This campaign gives drivers the tools to evaluate how tired they might be and provide them with a plan if the results show they're fatigued. All motorists can take an interactive test at Test your tired self to see how tired they might be before driving.

Plan B

The Plan B campaign reinforces the safety message that if you're having a few drinks, driving isn't an option. 

Slow down, move over and give space

This campaign reminds road users to slow down to 40km/h when passing stationary emergency or breakdown assistance vehicles with flashing blue, red or yellow lights.

Get your hand off it

This campaign includes a partnership with the Sydney Swans and highlights the serious consequences of using your mobile phone illegally while driving. Taking your eyes off the road for just 2 seconds could cost you, or those you care about, everything.

Pedestrian Safety - Be aware, cross with care

Encourages pedestrians and drivers to be aware of one another on the road. It reminds pedestrians to take extra precautions when crossing the road, and drivers to scan ahead and slow down for pedestrians. 

Be Truck Aware

This campaign highlights the importance of taking extra care around trucks, especially if you live, work or travel in metro areas. 

Be Bus Aware

The 'be bus aware' campaign highlights the importance of bus safety for all road users. Buses are large, heavy vehicles and can’t stop quickly.

Go Together

This campaigns helps drivers, bicycle riders and pedestrians understand how Minimum Passing Distance laws help everyone stay safe. 

Double demerits – think twice

This road safety campaign encourages safe behaviour on our roads, reminding drivers and riders that during double demerit periods the consequences for breaking the road rules are more severe. 

Child car seats – they're counting on you

Our child car seat campaign encourages the correct use of child car seats and raises awareness that many seats aren't fitted correctly. By law, all children must be safely buckled up in child car seats that are correct for their age and size.