NSW Road Safety Forum 2024

We hosted the NSW Road Safety Forum 2024 in February on behalf of the NSW Government.

For the first time in the state’s history, experts from interstate and around the world came together to tackle the issue of deaths on our roads and focus on improving road safety and saving lives.

Experts at the forum outlined successful ways to reduce road fatalities and discussed new opportunities to improve road safety. Focusing on areas of increased fatalities in 2023, the forum enabled a better understanding of road trauma trends. 

The NSW Government has now planned the next steps to get back on track with our road safety goals. To ensure we focus our efforts effectively, we've revised some areas of our 2026 Road Safety Action Plan and will explore new initiatives.

Transport for NSW will now:

  • scope 2,700 additional mobile speed camera sites to reduce speeding across the network and avoid predictability.
  • partner with up to 10 regional councils to fast-track the implementation of safer speed limits, particularly in areas of high pedestrian activity.
  • develop a new look road safety communications strategy aimed at, and designed with, young people.
  • review up to 35 school precincts across the state to improve safety on key routes to school.
  • support safer speeds through better lighting, placemaking and streetscape improvements for areas that have or are introducing permanent 40km/h and 30km/h speed zones.
  • engage local councils and communities to build their road safety knowledge and develop road safety strategies by using the Towards Zero Collaboration Hub, an online platform that consolidates road safety information, data and resources into a single location.

Transport for NSW will also:

  • work with Corrective Services to enhance behaviour change programs, focusing on high-risk drink and drug driving offenders.
  • implement stronger post-crash drug and alcohol testing after serious crashes.
  • examine the benefits and challenges of using average speed cameras to enforce speeding for light vehicles.

View the 2024 NSW Road Safety Forum Summary Outcomes report (PDF, 456.06 KB).

Expert analysis

These videos from the forum provide an overview of some of the leading discussions around reducing road trauma.

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