Authorised Proactive Release

The links below contain a range of some of the information which has been released and relates to transport including information about the performance of public transport, delivery of projects and the efficiency of the road network:

Currently available

Air Quality Portal
Interactive information about air quality, road tunnels and vehicle emissions is released by Transport and a number of other NSW Government agencies. 

Compulsory acquisition
The NSW Government is committed to delivering a fair, equitable, and consistent land acquisition process that seeks to acquire properties by mutual agreement. 

In the interests of transparency and accountability, the Government collects and publishes key land acquisition data from NSW acquiring agencies, as one means of effectively monitoring the performance of the land acquisition framework. In addition to this data, information about property acquisition standards and associated minimum requirements is also available on the website

Expenditure on Advertising
The Department of Premier and Cabinet reports on whole-of-government media expenditure through the Media Agency Services contract.               

Key Roads Performance Report
The Key Roads Performance report outlines the time it takes to travel along major road routes in NSW during peak periods.

Licensing and regulation statistics
The statistical information on licensing, registration, heavy vehicle compliance and traffic now includes the new M4 traffic volume data and NSW tollway traffic data.

The Quarterly Opal Dashboard is a representation of operational related information across different segments of the Opal environment. The data in these reports has been selected, collated and submitted for publishing based on an assessment of commonly requested information on Opal usage.

Parking Space Levy
The Parking Space Levy (PSL) is one of a number of NSW Government strategies to help reduce congestion in key business districts throughout Sydney. The aim of the PSL is to discourage car use in leviable districts while attracting customers to public transport by funding around $100 million of improvements to essential infrastructure each year, such as commuter car parks and interchanges.This page contains information about the PSL areas in Sydney.

Passenger travel
A range of patronage and performance reports across the different modes of transport.

Point to Point
The Point to Point Commission releases a lot of statistical information, fact sheets, useful reports on various indicators and activities, and important information about taxi  and hire car services.

Our current projects are helping to shape our cities, centres and communities for generations to come. We’re delivering the largest transport infrastructure program Australia has seen - $52.2 billion of investment over the next four years for game changing projects.

Public passenger vehicle statistics
Statistical information is available about public passenger vehicles along with a number of Fact sheets which are available from the Point to Point Commissioner.

Road Crash Data
We record statistics on road traffic crashes in NSW. Our documents are used for research by road safety experts and for general information. To be included in these statistics, a crash must have caused a death or injury, or at least one vehicle was towed away. A report can be either preliminary or final:

  • Preliminary reports are based on data that is not complete when they are published. These reports can change and are often replaced.
  • Final reports are based on complete data and are not changed after they are published.

Road Projects
The latest information relating to the planning, construction and operation of infrastructure projects in NSW.

Roads regulatory information
Transport currently releases a suite of different statistical information relating to its regulatory function

School Student Subsidy
The School (Student Transport Scheme) SSTS provides subsidised travel for eligible NSW school students on rail, bus, ferry and long distance coach services. In the event that a student is unsuccessful in their SSTS application they may apply for a review of the decision.

State Transit Performance Reports
A range of factors were historically collected to report on the performance of State Transit various metrics.

The Transport Access Program (TAP) is a NSW Government initiative delivering safe, modern and accessible public transport infrastructure across the state.

Overseas Travel 

Since January 2020, it has been a TfNSW requirement that all employees undertaking official travel must  provide a post-travel report. This report must detail the key outcomes of the trip, how it aligns with TfNSW’s strategic direction as set out in Future Transport, a log of all meetings held and a summary of expenses.