Innovative Technology Platforms

We are investing in core technology platforms that provide the foundation for industry to innovate, enhance customer experience, and drive operational efficiencies and network optimisation.

Some of the key enabling technology platforms we have invested in are:

  • The OpalPay payment system – an innovative transport payment system that is currently being expanded across modes and operators and integrated with other payment methods of customer choice. 
  • Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) – a world-first technology initiative when conceived back in the 1970s. Developed in NSW by Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) and is used globally. Its central objective is to improve the road network by maximising efficiency and reducing congestion. Our CAV trials will look at integration opportunities with the SCATS platform.
  • Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP) – a leading, adaptive intelligent transport system connecting over 4,000 traffic lights, 1,200 cameras and operates over 600 kilometres of fibre optic networks across NSW to our Transport Management Centre. 
  • Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS) –  an innovative system used to track, predict and prioritise public transport and emergency vehicle traffic by collecting and analysing on-board data, talking to the SCATS to priorities late-running vehicles, and providing real-time data to customers via travel apps.
  • Real-time Public Information Display (PIDs) - an automated system used to display public transport information to customers and provide them with real-time information. 
  • Open Data Hub and Developer Portal - unlocks the value of our GPS and transponder enabled real-time data and other expansive data resources which can be used to improve digital services for customers, transport planning, gain rich insights for research as well as business operations.
  • Contactless Transport Payments (CTP) – Tap and Go! Instead of using an Opal card customers can pay for a trip by tapping on and off at the Opal card reader using a contactless enabled debit card, credit card or mobile device  including providers such as Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Creating significant benefits for both international and interstate customers along with businesses that provide contactless payments technology to consumers. Currently available on ferries, lights rail and trains with buses slated for 2019.
  • - is a trusted customer channel for transport information, services and transactions. 

As a leader in understanding of changing movement patterns of people, particularly in rural and regional areas, NSW for Transport and RMS are perfect partners for companies such as telecommunications, financial service and internet service providers to explore how and why people travel and utilise transport services.

Opal Pay case study


Rolling out OpalPay provides operators with a scalable ticketing solution and customers with greater flexibility and convenience

Contactless Transport Payments case study


Partnering with Mastercard, American Express and Visa to trial contactless payments

Intelligent Congestion Management Program case study


Trials and partnerships reducing the problems caused by traffic congestion

Public Transport Information and Priority System case study


A real-time data platform feeding transport apps and services to provide updates to customers on any digital channel case study


Providing customers with single-source access to all public transport information and services

Open Data Innovation case study


Recognising data as a key driver for developing transport technologies