Smart Places Acceleration Program

Since 2020, the NSW Smart Places Acceleration Program has been supporting faster, more effective adoption of smart technology across the state. 

The Program is generating new partnerships between the NSW Government and councils, property owners, joint organisations, industry, and the innovation sector. 

Together we are creating great places across regional and metropolitan NSW using technology and data solutions.

Between 2020 and 2022, we allocated almost $45 million to initiatives that are having a big impact for the people of the state.


Read about the Program, its reach, impact and funded initiatives. 

Smart Places Acceleration Program: In review (2022)


On 13 February 2023, we closed our call for ideas to participate in the Smart Places Acceleration Program. There has been strong demand to participate in the program, and we are currently assessing the Expressions of Interest we have received. 

We’ll announce the successful initiatives soon.

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Funded initiatives

In the two years since launch, 28 initiatives have been funded across the state, with: 

  • More than 50 councils involved in both metropolitan and regional areas 
  • More than 125 expressions of interest received 
  • Over 300 jobs created so far. 


Where are we investing?

Program goals

  • Support economic and community recovery post COVID-19
  • Encourage partnerships with and co-investment from local councils and industry to deliver smart place initiatives
  • Support advancement and implementation of the NSW Smart Places Strategy
  • Ensure NSW remains the leading state in implementing Smart Places initiatives.

Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines (PDF, 1.88 MB) eligibility requirements, evaluation framework and pipeline prioritisation process.

Digital Restart Fund

The Smart Places Acceleration Program is made possible by a $47 million reservation under the Digital Restart Fund.

Find out more about the Digital Restart Fund.

Smart Places Acceleration Program - funded initiatives

Read more about the initiatives that have received a co-investment through the Smart Places Acceleration Program.

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