Cyber safety and Transport for NSW

How Transport for NSW helps to keep your personal information safe.

NSW Government IT systems are critical to the safe and secure operation of many community services which we all depend upon. 

Our systems are modern, resilient and designed to ensure the highest standards of security for your information.

Security and privacy teams provide guidance and processes designed to protect personal information, and to ensure all customer data is protected with a multi-layered approach including enhanced monitoring of key applications.

If an information breach occurs Transport for NSW works with authorities and our customers to resolve the matter in the most effective way possible.

It is important for individuals to be aware that breaches can sometimes be exploited by scammers, who impersonate the breached entity. We have put in place a process to deal with this risk:

  • In the event of a breach, Transport for NSW will contact affected individuals via a secure method (for example, one provided to us). We will advise if personal information may have been compromised and include a way for individuals to verify that our communication is genuinely from us.
  • Transport for NSW WILL NOT notify customers of a breach by means of unsolicited phone calls, or text messages, unless we have no other practical way of contacting that customer. Regardless, we will always provide a way for the customer to verify that our call is genuine before the customer is asked to take any action.    

Cyber Security NSW advice for protecting yourself

Cyber Security NSW recommends that all NSW residents take steps to protect their personal information.   

Never feel like you need to respond to unsolicited phone calls, emails or text messages. Scammers may impersonate government and businesses to convince people to take actions. If you aren’t sure, do your own research and make contact using publicly listed contact details for the organisation.

Talk to your financial institution about improving your online security. Most scammers are after your money. Where available, customers are encouraged to use multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Ensure you have anti-virus software on all of your online devices. 

For more guidance, please visit Staying Safe Online