4.6m high vehicles

The height limit for general access vehicles in the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 is 4.3 metres, however some may operate at a height less than 4.6 metres.

Part 5 of the 4.6 Metre High Vehicle Route Notice 2013 imposes the following limits for vehicles constructed to 4.6m carrying general freight other than vehicles, cattle, sheep, pigs, wool, hay bales, or other primary produce:

  • A maximum deck height of 1.2 metres over at least 50% of its deck length
  • Have air suspension on trailers
  • Be operated at 10% less than the gross mass limit applicable to the vehicle or combination.

A short combination vehicle no more than 4.3 metres high has general access but extra height up to 4.6 metres is limited to the approved 4.6 metre high routes.

For other combinations to operate at 4.6 metres high, the route must be an approved route for the combination and in addition an approved route for 4.6 metre high vehicles.

The available 4.6m high vehicles access routes can be viewed using the online interactive Restricted Access Vehicle Map.

Where an operator of a vehicle or combination that is greater than 4.6 metres in height is seeking access to the road network a specific permit must be obtained. Where an operator of a vehicle or combination that is greater than 4.3 metres in height but does not exceed 4.6 metres wants access to a road that does not form part of an approved 4.6 metre high vehicle route for that type of vehicle or combination a specific permit must be obtained.

Heavy vehicle operators can lodge applications online for Class 1 and 3 permits for travel on State roads within NSW.


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