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Project overview

The Australian Government and NSW Governments are jointly funding upgrades on Showground Road, Castle Hill to improve the reliability and efficiency of bus services in the area, while easing congestion and improving safety for all road users. These upgrades will also improve access to the Hills Showground Station.

Latest news

Nov 2022 - Project Completion

Transport for NSW would like to sincerely thank road users and the community, particularly the residents and businesses on Showground Road, for their patience while we carried out this essential upgrade.

Showground Road at Carrington Road and De Clambe Drive maintains two lanes in each direction with extra turning lanes into Carrington Road and a new bus lane on Showground Road 60m either side of De Clambe Drive. Carrington Road is now two lanes between Showground Road and Middleton Avenue.

Project information


Transport invited feedback in June 2017 on proposed bus infrastructure improvements at the intersection of Showground Road, Castle Hill.

We received responses from 29 community members. Key areas of interest for community members included general project support, stakeholder and community consultation, proposal design and scope, environmental considerations, project justification and cost.

Work on this project began in November 2020 and will be completed in late 2022.

The upgrade at the intersections of Showground Road is part of a $240 million investment by the Australian and NSW Governments to fast-track 11 congestion busting projects as part of the plan to stimulate the economy as it recovers from COVID-19.


  • Improve the reliability of bus services and reduce travel times.
  • Ease congestion and improve travel times for all road users during peak periods.
  • Improve safety along Showground Road and Carrington Road.
  • Improve the flow of traffic along Showground Road.
  • Cater for future growth in bus services.
  • Improve access to the Hills Showground Station.


  • widening the north side of Showground Road to provide two eastbound through lanes and an additional right turn lane into Carrington Road
  • installing a westbound bus lane along Showground Road about 60 metres either side of intersection with De Clambe Drive
  • adding a dedicated westbound left turn lane, buses excepted, on Showground Road into Carrington Road
  • widening the west side of Carrington Road at the approach to Showground Road to three lanes to provide two right turn lanes into Showground Road eastbound and a left turn lane into Showground Road westbound
  • upgrading the intersection of Showground Road and Carrington Road with new traffic islands and new traffic lights with signalised pedestrian crossing
  • upgrading the intersection of Showground Road and De Clambe Drive with new medians on either side of the intersection and new traffic lights with a signalised pedestrian crossing
  • providing a 2.5 metre wide concrete footpath along the northern side of Showground Road
  • maintaining the 1.5 metre wide footpath along the southern side of Showground Road to the east of Carrington Road and maintaining the existing 2.5 metre existing shared user path on the western side of Carrington Road
  • relocating the utility services
  • upgrading the existing stormwater drainage system to improve the drainage capacity of the intersection
  • resurfacing the road on Showground Road and Carrington Road
  • removing the northbound bus stop ID 215447 on Carrington Road
  • installing a pedestrian fence on the Showground Road median between De Clambe Drive and Carrington Road and to the east of Carrington Road.

Bus stop changes

  • The northbound bus stop ID 215447 on Carrington Road will be removed.
  • Customer can access the alternate bus stop at Showground Road ID 215417 or the bus stop at Middleton Avenue ID 215453.
  • These alternative bus stops are within reasonable walking distance.

What happens next?

Transport will start work to upgrade the intersections of Showground Road, Castle Hill, later this year.

We will notify you again before work starts and will continue to update you as the project progresses.


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