Central Precinct Renewal Program


Project overview

Central Precinct will become an exciting new place for business and the community by renewing up to 24 hectares of Government-owned land in and around Australia’s busiest transport interchange – Sydney’s Central Station.

Unlocking 24 hectares of Government-owned land at Central will drive the success of Tech Central, a NSW Government commitment to create the biggest technology hub of its kind in Australia, and support the vision for a 24-hour economy.

Key benefits

  • Revitalising the precinct with new and enhanced public open spaces and celebrating the heritage of this iconic location
  • Realising a significantly expanded Central Business District (CBD) economy through creation of the jobs of the future in an exciting and vibrant setting
  • Reviving Central Station as a global transport interchange, meeting the needs of local, regional and international travellers
  • Planning for Country by incorporating Country-centred planning principles and actions that respect the surrounding diverse communities
  • Delivering a socially and environmentally sustainable precinct
  • Creating great new places by leveraging recent Government investment in existing and future infrastructure within the precinct, in line with global trends.

Creating new Sydney destinations

Transport for NSW is shaping NSW cities, centres and communities for generations to come by revitalising major transport interchanges. We’re thinking beyond the infrastructure and service requirements and focussing on what transport enables. Transport is in a unique position to use its infrastructure to transform these key interchanges into new Sydney destinations.

Central Precinct Renewal is one of three urban renewal projects shaping the future of Sydney. Together with Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct Renewal and Circular Quay Renewal, Central Precinct will give communities 34 hectares of a revitalised southern CBD which will change the face of Sydney.

We’re working with the people of NSW to ensure these new Sydney destinations reflect the uniqueness of each iconic location and community.

Central Precinct’s vision

Central Precinct’s vision is to be a vibrant and exciting place that unites a world-class interchange with innovative and diverse businesses and high-quality public spaces. It will embrace design, sustainability and connectivity, celebrate its unique built form and social and cultural heritage and become a centre for the future and economic growth.

What is happening now in Central Precinct

The Quantum Terminal is now open! Located inside Central Station’s Sydney Terminal Building, the Quantum Terminal is part of the 24 hectare Central Precinct Renewal Program.

The Quantum Terminal is Sydney’s first centralised collaboration space for researchers, developers, programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs, and will drive the success of Tech Central through creation of the jobs of the future in an exciting and vibrant setting.

Work is also continuing towards the renewal of Central Precinct to become an exciting new place for business and the community with the release of the Strategic Framework, which sets up a framework for how the Central Precinct will develop in the future.

We will now start preparing a State Significant Precinct (SSP) Study as part of plans to renew Central Precinct. This will involve community and stakeholder consultation and detailed studies over the next 12 months as outlined in the SSP Study Requirements.

Central Precinct consists of eight sub-precincts. Dividing the site into sub-precincts will allow us to positively respond to the varying character of the surrounding area during planning and design of the renewal program.

The eight sub-precincts are:

  1. Central Station: occupies a significant corner at Eddy Avenue and Pitt Street and is characterised by a number of existing heritage features including the landmark iconic Sydney Terminal Building.
  2. Northern Over Site Development: comprises a number of existing features including the raised concourse level of the Sydney Terminal building, the extensive tunnel network including the Devonshire Street Tunnel and the Intercity and Regional train platforms and suburban platforms.
  3. Western Gateway: situated between Lee Street, Railway Square and Central Station, the sub-precinct is located at the convergence of important existing and future public transport infrastructure and is a location of major pedestrian activity between the station and the surrounding area.
  4. Regent Street Sidings: contains the exceptionally significant Mortuary Station and Darling Harbour Dive.
  5. Southern Over Site Development: comprises a number of key existing features including the railway lines, yards and heritage-listed Bradfield Flying Junctions stretching from Central Station towards Cleveland Street. Its primary frontage runs along Regent Street which includes the existing bus layover, the Lee Street substation and the disused Goods Line cutting.
  6. Prince Alfred Sidings: forms the western edge to Prince Alfred Park and is bordered by the heritage listed Bradfield Flying Junctions along its western boundary.
  7. Eastern Gateway: incorporates Chalmers Street, which is undergoing extensive transformation as part of the CBD and South East Light Rail.
  8. Goulburn Street: occupies the whole block that is bound by Goulburn, Campbell, Elizabeth and Castlereagh Streets.

What is happening now in the Western Gateway

The Western Gateway is the first to progress to the planning stage in renewing Central Precinct, supporting the delivery of Tech Central by creating over 16,000 jobs of the future.

The Western Gateway rezoning will enable an expanded southern CBD with the delivery of Atlassian’s new global headquarters (Block A),  Dexus and Frasers Property Australia proposed Central Place Sydney (Block B) and the proposed Toga redevelopment (Block C) which includes the Adina Apartment Hotel and Henry Deane Plaza.

Block A and B were rezoned in August 2020 and Block C was rezoned in October 2021. This completes the rezoning of the Western Gateway sub-precinct.

What is happening now in the Prince Alfred Sidings

We’re proposing changes to the former Prince Alfred Substation to re-furbish this unused heritage asset as a potential new space for tech and creative industries or start-ups.

The proposed renovations will create 1,800 square metres of commercial space with modern fixtures and finishes, and accessibility improvements including new lift, stairs, and pedestrian access to Prince Alfred Park.

Our proposal will preserve the important heritage values of the former substation, while providing safety and access improvements to make it fit for purpose as a modern commercial space.

The changes will help activate the local area by introducing jobs and improving pedestrian accessibility between Central Precinct and Prince Alfred Park.

The City of Sydney is currently reviewing a Development Application (DA) for these proposed changes. Thank you to the community for providing feedback during the DA public exhibition which took place between Tuesday 8 June and Wednesday 7 July 2021.  

Get in touch

To learn more or to speak to the project team please call 1800 684 490 or email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au.

For more information

  • View the Central Precinct and Western Gateway planning documents by visiting the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.
  • Email projects@transport.nsw.gov.au to register your details and stay updated
  • Call 1800 684 490 if you would like to speak to the project team

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