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Transport for NSW is making safety improvements to Cleveland Street, between City Road, Camperdown and Anzac Parade, Moore Park.

Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

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MAY 2021Community engagement report released

Transport is planning safety improvements to Cleveland Street, between City Road, Camperdown and Anzac Parade, Moore Park.

We conducted community consultation to understand all road users’ safety concerns for Cleveland Street and any other feedback community members wished to share. The consultation period closed on 4 March 2021, we have collated and reviewed all responses and the Community Engagement Report is now available.

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Quarter 1 2021

  • 18 February - Community consultation opened
  • 4 March - Community consultation closed

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Quarter 2 2021

  • Community consultation report released

TBC 2021

  • Construction works expected to start

Project information

Cleveland Street is a key east-west connection on the outskirts of Sydney’s CBD linking Camperdown and Moore Park. During peak periods traffic banks up as road users wait for the chance to turn right, at the same time many others weave in and out of traffic to avoid these bottle necks.


Transport’s safety upgrades will include changes to the traffic lights at five intersections and removing right turns at four intersections. We will also reduce the speed limit to 40km/h along all of Cleveland Street, between City Road and Anzac Parade. Removing the right turns and reducing the speed limit are the most effective ways to improve safety for more than 49,000 motorists and pedestrians who use this stretch of Cleveland Street every day.

Locals and visitors to the area will be able to safely access and enjoy the local restaurants, cafes and shopping experiences.

Left turn arrows will be added to five sets of traffic lights between Bourke Street and Elizabeth Street. The upgraded lights will be rearranged so red arrows hold vehicles in place as pedestrians cross the street. This improvement is part of wider safety upgrades being rolled out by Transport across the state.

As well as improving safety for all road users, we also expect these changes to increase travel reliability and reduce congestion.

We will re-arrange how four intersections on Cleveland Street work. This includes removing the ability for vehicles to turn right from Cleveland Street into

  • Wilton Street, Walker Street and Cleveland Street intersection
  • Young Street, Marlborough Street and Cleveland Street intersection
  • Crown Street and Cleveland Street intersection
  • Bourke Street and Cleveland Street intersection

See the detour maps in the February community update (PDF, 1.94Mb).

At each of the intersections we will be adding left hand turn arrows to the traffic lights. The light timings will be rearranged so the red arrow hold vehicles in place while pedestrians cross the street.

We will also be dropping the speed limit to 40km/h.

We will also upgrade an overhead traffic light post at the intersection of Cleveland Street and Elizabeth Street.


Before we carry out the safety improvements, we asked you to tell us more about your safety concerns on Cleveland Street and other feedback community members wished to share. We provided an online survey (now closed), phone number, email and postal address to get in touch with us.

If you have any comments or queries, see the contact details on this page for more information on how you can reach us.

Please note: community feedback received between Thursday 18 February 2021 and Thursday 4 March 2021 was included in the consultation report. Feedback outside of this time will still be accepted and form part of our general work feedback.

We have noted all your feedback and survey responses and we have released a community engagement. Additional traffic and noise monitoring will commence late May 2021.

Click here to view the report.

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 23 February 2021

Intersection upgrades to boost safety on Cleveland Street on the way



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