Hoxton Park Road and Hill Road, Lurnea


Project overview

The NSW Government has committed over $825 million to pinch point projects which ease congestion, reduce traffic delays and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads.

Project information


The NSW Government funded this work as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.Residents from Lurnea and surrounding suburbs were often experiencing congestion and long wait times at the Hoxton Park Road and Hill Road intersection. Road users heading west along Hoxton Park Road also experienced delays because of congestion at this intersection.

To address this, Roads and Maritime widened Hoxton Park Road to:

  • create a dedicated left turn lane from Hoxton Park Road onto Hill Road improving traffic flow for local residents
  • allow turning traffic to wait in a dedicated lane, rather than queuing along Hoxton Park Road, enabling westbound motorists to freely travel through the intersection.

The project also included upgrading the bus stop at this intersection.


The project upgrades are:

  • improving traffic flow and ease congestion from Liverpool
  • lowering travel times for local residents returning home from Liverpool to Lurnea and surrounding suburbs
  • increasing motorist safety by helping to reduce the number of rear-end crashes
  • improving pedestrian safety with a protected crossing and improving access to public transport with the upgraded bus stop.

What is a 'pinch point'?

Pinch points are traffic congestion points, intersections or short lengths of road at which a traffic bottleneck exists slowing down the broader network. They cause a build up of traffic and travel delays at these spots and on the wider road network.

What did we do?

The completed work included:

  • widening 80 metres of Hoxton Park Road to build a dedicated and signalised left turn lane onto Hill Road improving traffic flow from Liverpool
  • relocating the traffic control signals at the intersection
  • installing No Stopping signs on both sides of Hill Road, between Hoxton Park Road and Taloma Avenue to improve traffic flow at the intersection
  • removing and replacing the road surface and line marking
  • reconstructing the bus stop for improved access to public transport
  • installing a new footpath for pedestrian safety.

Community information

Community consultation

In July 2016, we sought community feedback on the proposal. We received comments from six people and one organisation on four matters. All submissions were in favour of the proposal. Matters raised included suggestions for additional improvements to the intersection, traffic light phasing and matters outside the scope of this proposal.

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