Hunter bridges


Project overview

Roads and Maritime Services manages 847 bridges in the Hunter Region including two opening bridges at Swansea and Hexham.

Morpeth Bridge

Barrington Bridge

Hunter bridges - Barrington Bridge

Brig O'Johnston Bridge at Clarence Town

Transport for NSW funded emergency repair work on Brig O’Johnston Bridge at Clarence Town.

Dawson River Bridge, Cundletown

A new bridge on Thunderbolts Way over the Barrington River

Hexham Bridge

The southbound Hexham Bridge is a landmark in the surrounding area and acts as a gateway to the suburbs of Hexham and Tomago.

Martin Bridge, Taree

The New South Wales Government funded a major project to repaint Martin Bridge.

Morpeth Bridge

Transport for NSW is carrying out major maintenance work on Morpeth Bridge at Morpeth which includes replacing truss elements on the bridge.

Old Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge

Old Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge on the Old Pacific Highway is a steel truss bridge built in 1930.

Stockton Bridge

Transport for NSW has completed major essential maintenance work to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the bridge.

Swansea Bridge

The NSW Government provides funding for biannual essential maintenance work to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the bridge.

Project information


Roads and Maritime is responsible for building new bridges, upgrading and maintaining existing bridges and regularly monitoring structural integrity of the bridges.

In the Hunter Region, 26 bridges have been identified for conservation in the Roads and Maritime Timber Truss Bridge Conservation Strategy which was developed in consultation with the Heritage Council of NSW. The strategy addresses the long term management of these structures and aims to establish a balance between infrastructure provision and heritage conservation.

Opening bridge maintenance programs

The NSW Government carries out biannual maintenance on the region’s two opening bridges at Swansea and Hexham to ensure continuing safe and reliable operation.

Bridges for the Bush program

The Bridges for the Bush initiative is a commitment from the NSW Government to improve road freight productivity in regional NSW and reduce timber bridge maintenance costs by replacing or upgrading bridges.

Bridges for the Bush projects include:

Other bridge maintenance projects

Current Hunter bridge projects include: