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A traffic study of the Newell Highway has been completed to determine the best locations to construct additional overtaking lanes.

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Overtaking lanes

A traffic study of the Newell Highway has been completed to determine the best locations to construct additional overtaking lanes. A copy of the report is available to view or download.

Overtaking lane works

The NSW Government allocated $10 million in 2011 to construct six overtaking lanes:

  • Southbound overtaking lane 43 kilometres north of Narrabri at Bellata – completed in May 2012
  • Southbound overtaking lane 64 kilometres north of Narrabri, south of Gurley – completed in October 2012
  • Northbound overtaking lane 68 kilometres north of Narrabri, north of Gurley – completed in December 2012
  • Northbound overtaking lane 48 kilometres north of Coonabarabran – completed in February 2014
  • Southbound overtaking lane 59 kilometres north of West Wyalong – completed in February 2015
  • Northbound overtaking lane 56 kilometres north of West Wyalong – completed in September 2014.

In 2013 a further $10 million ($5 million State and $5 million Federal funding) was announced for five overtaking lanes. The locations are:

  • North and southbound overtaking lanes 79-82 kilometres north of Moree – completed in May 2014
  • Northbound overtaking lane 70 kilometres north of Gilgandra – completed in June 2015
  • Southbound overtaking lane 15 kilometres north of Parkes – completed in April 2015
  • Northbound overtaking lane 10 kilometres south of Narrandera – completed July 2014.

Truck rest area improvements

The NSW and Australian governments have provided funds for improved safety and productivity outcomes for road freight operators and other road users through the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program.

Specific program objectives are to:

  • Increase productivity of heavy vehicles by improving the capacity of existing roads and improving connections to freight networks; and
  • Improve the safety environment for heavy vehicle drivers.

Funding is being provided for:

  • Improvement to existing roads
  • Upgraded and new de-coupling areas
  • Developing new rest areas and upgrades to existing rest areas
  • Technology improvements.

Advanced signage to alert drivers of rest facilities

Green reflectors

Identified informal rest areas on the Newell Highway are now marked by a series of green reflectors on the approach to each site. These green reflectors show truck drivers where they can safely pull over. Roads and Maritime Services has received positive feedback from police and heavy vehicle drivers about this initiative.

Rest Stop Signs

Rest stop signs along the Newell Highway alert drivers to the distance to the next three rest stops and indicates where rest areas accommodate light vehicles and heavy vehicles.

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