Jobs, Skills and Industry Participation

Latest JSIP Bulletin (November 2023)

What is Jobs, Skills and Industry Participation?

As part of the Regional Rail project, we are building a new train maintenance centre in Dubbo - named Mindyarra - to stimulate the regional economy and help create sustainable job opportunities and skills, both directly and through subcontractors and supply chain.

There are opportunities for businesses to tender for work with consortium partners and their subcontractors to deliver the new maintenance centre and support ongoing maintenance activities.

The Jobs, Skills and Industry Participation (JSIP) program aims to develop the skills of local small to medium enterprises, helping them tender more successfully for this and future projects.

Developing the skills base in Regional NSW is key to achieving JSIP priorities, providing employment pathways including roles for apprentices, trainees, graduate placements and work experience opportunities.

JSIP objectives

The Regional Rail project is providing opportunities for people and businesses in regional NSW.

The Jobs Skills and Industry Participation (JSIP) team focuses on three key areas which reflect relevant NSW Government policies and programs, including the Aboriginal Participation in Construction (APIC) Policy and the Infrastructure Skills Legacy Program.

With an estimated 200 jobs required during construction and 50 ongoing jobs during the maintenance phase, the project provides opportunities for long term employment as well as skills development.

The development of transferable skills from one project phase to another, and onto other projects in the region, can support long term job prospects for regionally-based people. Employment pathways include roles for apprentices, trainees, graduate placements and work experience on the project.

Aboriginal employment is a key focus area for the Project, reflecting the NSW Government’s commitment to promoting the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of Aboriginal people. Around 15 per cent of the people living in the region identify as Aboriginal compared to a 2.9 per cent average across NSW.

JSIP Approach

We established a JSIP Advisory Group and Aboriginal Working Group in 2018, which includes representatives from Federal, State and local government.

The Groups provide advice and support to Transport for NSW and Momentum Trains to help deliver JSIP priorities and outcomes.

The Aboriginal Working Group members have links to Aboriginal communities in and around Dubbo, and focus on achieving meaningful outcomes for Aboriginal peoples.

The JSIP Advisory Group members provide links to lessons learned on other projects and focus on achieving meaningful outcomes for local and regional businesses.

Pre-employment programs 

The JSIP initiative has developed and delivered Pre-Employment Programs which prepare local people for jobs, either at the Mindyarra Maintenance Centre in Dubbo or with local businesses.

The six-week programs include both accredited and non-accredited content, and have been delivered by registered training organisation Dubbo Traffic Control and ATAC.

Content has included General Construction White Card, Working at Heights, Working in Confined Spaces and Plant Operating Tickets. Along with these accreditations, the programs include modules in resume writing, interview preparation and budget management.

Participants celebrated their completion of the most recent program with a graduation ceremony in December 2021.

All participants were successful in securing positions with local employers, including at the Mindyarra Maintenance Centre.

Read Case Study

Tender Writing Workshops

Regional Rail has partnered with iclick2learn, a Dubbo social enterprise, to facilitate workshops designed to help regional businesses prepare successful tender submissions for work on large scale projects.

Covering the tender submission process, terminology and context, and how to address criteria, the two face-to-face and one online workshops equipped businesses with skills they can use not just on the Mindyarra tenders, but for other future NSW Government infrastructure projects, to support long-term job prospects for regionally based people.

iclick2learn, has now developed Tender Writing videos to guide small businesses through the tender writing process.

Read the Tender Writing Workshop Case Study including attendee feedback.

Tender Writing Workshops are part of the Regional Rail Project Business Support Catalogue.

Get Tender Ready

In this video, we talk about how to get tender ready, types of procurement approaches, develop your tender toolkit, how to find out about tender opportunities, and more.

Get Tender Ready  (PDF, 307.39 KB)

Understand Tender Requirements 

In this video, we talk about how to make sure you fully understand the requirements of the tender process and how to fulfill them.

Understand Tender Requirements (PDF, 135.46 KB) 

How Tenders are Assessed 

In this video, we talk about how your tender will be reviewed and assessed.

How Tenders are Assessed  (PDF, 146.52 KB)

How To Address Tender Questions 

In this video, we talk about the best way to consider and address tender questions for the best results.

How To Address Tender Questions (PDF, 175.17 KB)

Consider Competitors and Contractors 

In this video, we talk about how to best review your competitors and their ability to fulfil tender requirements in comparison to your business and how to make the most of your capabilities.

Consider Competitors and Contractors (PDF, 118.21 KB)

Analyse your Proposed Solution 

In this video, we talk about how to review your proposed solution to the tender requirements to maximise your chance of success.

Analyse your Proposed Solution  (PDF, 161.35 KB)

How to Write a Strong Response

In this video, we talk about how to write the strongest response to tender requirements.

How to Write a Strong Response (PDF, 147.71 KB)

Strengthen Your Response 

In this video, we talk about how to refine your writing style to best match the requirements of the tender.

Strengthen Your Response (PDF, 179.66 KB)

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